The Things She Says

Lucy's become a little poet lately. Yesterday in the bathtub she told me her bubbles were like "soft powdery snowflakes" and a couple days before that, she asked me to spread her jam "like a blanket over my butter on my toast."

Her prayers continue to be a source of entertainment for Craig and I. Tonight's: "Thank you for our ketchup and our ranch dip. Amen"

And she knows that God made everything but doesn't quite seem to understand exactly what than entails. She was not really happy about my making new curtains for our bedroom because 1) She doesn't like change and 2) "God made those curtains that we got from the store" (meaning the old ones). Why would I want to get rid of the curtains God made and replace them with ones I'm sewing! But don't worry, once she got used the new ones, she liked them enough to spend 20 minutes reading them bedtime stories.

Lucy: Why are you stopping?
Me: It's a red light.
L: I don't see it.
M: Well, I do.
Light turns green and I start to go
L: Ahh! Red light! Red light! Stop!
M: It's green now Lucy. I'm supposed to go.
L: Oh, okay.

She's really blossomed socially over the last few months. She'll talk to the checkout lady at Target and ask her name and when we had a contractor over to the house a few days ago, she even talked to him about how old she was. We ended up asking her when she would turn three to which she matter of factly replied, "My birthday!" Of course, silly us :-)

She is very deep into terrible twos/threes and demanding her own way and it's now most definitely "little nero" tantrums. In fact, sometimes she creates a situations just so she can disobey and try to be in charge. Just one of several examples I could choose from:

Lucy: Mommy, tell me to come over.
Me: (Confused) What?
Lucy: Say "Lucy, come here"
Me: Lucy, come here.
Lucy: No! I won't! stomp stomp stomp

Gauntlet thrown! Of course, I no longer fall for that trick and have stared responding with something like "You can come over here if you want, it's your choice. Plan foiled!

One more just so we end on a positive note. We've now entered the princess/fairy tale phase.

Lucy: Mommy, tell me a story from your mouth about a princess.
Me: Princess? Hmm, what kind of princess?
Lucy: You know, princesses, girls who get mawwied.

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