Celebrity Fashion Role Model?

Find a celebrity fashion icon. I'd seen the suggestion several times but never really considered it. Mostly because I don't know enough about any particular celebrity's style to copy it - the only exceptions being people I really really don't want to look like (think Lady Gaga).

 But I recently bought myself a pair of black ballet flats. Paired with a pair of skinny jeans, I instantly knew who I felt like. And in my search for a picture of her, I found several other blog posts illustrating that I was not alone. Care to take a guess?

Laura Petrie...aka Mary Tyler  Moore's Character on The Dick Van Dyke Show. I loved watching that show on Nick at Nick back when I was a kid and thinking about her character and style, it totally fits what I want to be...casual, feminine*, fun and practical for a mom (most of the time, at least). I'd add in colorful for myself and I can always imagine her outfits were colorful, it's not her fault the show was in black and white. I'm not sure if the advice I saw meant you should go back in time quite so far to find a celebrity fashion icon to copy but it works for me.

Do you have a role model when it comes to fashion and if/so what decade is she from?

*yes, I know that she had a bit of controversy with the pants thing but I still think she's looks feminine. While I do like skirts and am trying to make sure my wardrobe has several, when I'm spending my days playing on the floor with my littles, pants just make sense and I find myself grabbing them first.

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  1. I wish I could pull off that look, but alas skinny jeans wont work on me. I do love the clean classic look though! Jeans cardigans and scarfs are my favorites