In which I try, and fail, to get family Easter photos.

All those cute family pictures people have posted on facebook with all the kids dressed up nice with big smiles and maybe a basket or two. With a happy mom and dad behind them...not happening here. I had such hopes. But then we had 10 minutes before we had to leave for church and Jojo was still napping.

So we tried without him. But Lucy was not really in the mood. We had already interrupted her duplo playing to make her get dressed, brush her teeth, and comb her hair - I know, we're cruel, what can I say.

So of course, she acted like sitting on my lap was torture. This might just be a random blink, or it might be my breath deep keep calm mommy face, I'll let you be the judge.

easter 095

But of course, 2 minutes later, I was worn out and wearing a fake smile while she was fine and dandy already.

easter 097

So we tried adding Daddy to the mix but balancing the camera on the couch and trying to take a picture  with a timer when we had literally 2 minutes before we had to be in the car and I still had to wake up Jonah was probably not the best idea but we are all in the photo. And very shiny. Not sure why we are so shiny. The glow of Easter? (This is after I've already toned down the shine with photoshop quite a bit)

easter 098b

After church, Jonah fell asleep in the car so I carried him to bed and got him back to sleep while Craig tried to take a picture with Lucy before they changed into play clothes. The lighting was horrible and it's a but blurry but they are genuinely happy so that's a plus.

easter 099b

And when Jonah and I woke up, we were able to get a decent photo of him too. Too bad it only had 50% of the family in it. Oh, well.There's always next year.

easter 100b

Until then, Happy Easter!

easter 111

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