I'm not sure if I'm excited or terrified.

I wrote back a bit back during my preggo days about how I was struggling with how I looked. I did better with my hair and make-up for a while and it did help, at least until I hit 36 weeks or so. It's really hard to be soooo much bigger and uncomfortable and only able to wear 5 items of clothing and still feel good about yourself. But those days are gone now and I'm finally back to my old self!

Yep, I've officially lost all 50 lbs of baby weight and can now fit into my old clothes. Except I don't really have any of those. Well, that's not completely true, if we are counting decent clothes, I have one pair of jeans, one skirt and a couple shirts. Which means if Jonah spits up on me, I pretty much have to wear jeans with paint on them or pajama bottoms while I do the laundry. So it's a bit sad.

So now, I rebuild! Which sound fun when I'm looking at pinterest and seeing all the cute outfits that I can mostly wear (with the exception of non nursing friendly clothes) but a lot less fun when I'm in a store and completely overwhelmed. It's not just that spending money on clothes hurts my frugal soul (although it does) but that I feel so fashion inept. But still, mama must be clothed! And I'm determined to at least try and have a style. So I've been busying:

  • Pinning. Because 1) it's fun and 2) supposedly grouping outfits you like helps you define your style since you can focus on trends and not individual pieces (see how much I'm learning!)
  • Reading. I found a lot of great information over at puttingmetogether.com. I've also spent some time perusing the Pleated Poppy and blog hopping from there. If you have a favorite style/fashion blog that works with mommy style, please share!
  • Thinking. I really love puttingmetogether's idea of a "remixable wardrobe" because I don't want a lot of clothing. I got by with 3 bottoms and a handful of tops for about 6 months this pregnancy and while that was a little too skimpy for me, I really did like many aspects of it. This parentables article about dressing like a french women reinforced my desire to keep a limited wardrobe.  But all of that means that I need to pick my pieces carefully. I've got a list going of what types of pieces and colors I'm trying to stick with. My neutrals will be black and grey and the colors I'm trying to stick with are rbights - blue/greens, mustard and red. That sounds kinda scary when I write it down, but I've seen enough outfits that I'm confident it is what I like. 
  • Accessorizing. Okay, It's really more thinking about accessorizing. I don't fall for the yoga pants are acceptable outside the gym trap but I don't really put together an outfit as much as throw on jeans a shirt. But I want to change that. I used to love scarfs but those don't work for me right now. Lucy tends to use excessive fabric as a climbing device and with Jojo it would likely be used as a burp rag anyway and I don't even use a purse these days (does a brown and white polka dot diaper bag count as an accessory? No?) but I love the idea of using belts so maybe I'll try that. 
  • Laughing. Sometimes you have to laugh at what fashion people write. I especially love the articles with lists of "6/8/10 must haves" that include things like silk shells and black blazers and standout heels (leopard print, bright red, etc). I'm pretty sure if I own a silk shell it would get worn - never.
  • Buying. Yes, I've actually purchases a few things. A really cute pair of black ballet flats, a cardigan (an "outfit" building staple, or so I've been told - but I love it so far) and a couple cute tops. Progress!

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  1. Good for you! I look forward to seeing what you end up with when you get it all together.

    I'm still in the losing weight phase, but I'm actually trying this time around so I might get out of "fat" clothes before I go back into maternity outfits. I feel so limited by nursing, modesty, and the heat here, but I know I could do better than jeans and t-shirts.

    I do, for the first time ever, own four pairs of shoes (walking, flip-flops, black & brown flats) that fit and can be worn for more than an hour.

    For my birthday last year, I did a wish list for jewelry and my relatives bought me all of it. Even if I hate my shirt/pant options right now, it's nice to be able to put on cute earrings with a matching necklace.