Jonah @ 6 Months

A few days late but hopefully the excessive number of pictures makes up for it but I'm not doing a good job capturing his many facial expressions. It seems like whenever the camera is out, he only gives me his "serious stare."

march fun 028

Dear Jonah,

Moving, scooting, jumping, trying to climb things. That's pretty much what the last month has been about. It's getting more difficult to get your picture in the chair without dad around to help.

march fun 046
Oh Jonah, despite what you think, you aren't really that big and you can't climb down off the chair by yourself. 
march fun 068
My attempt to get a picture of him on his hands and knees. By the time I walk away, crouch and get focused, he's already back to me. 

 We've already had to move the coffee table to the basement because you kept trying to pull himself up and I didn't think it was stable enough for that. Now you try to climb up Lucy chairs. You've spent a good part of the month getting yourself stuck in various places.
Stuck under the play table. 

Stuck in a box
Stuck on a box. You crawled over it but couldn't figure out how to back up or get off of it. 

You love to sit and play. At first you needed a basket as a tripod tool but now you're fine just being plopped on the floor and can get back down to your tummy if you want. Sadly, you totally passed my favorite stage of "plop-able but not mobile" because you were scooting first. Oh well, you're cute :-)
First time sitting up with a basket of goodies as a help. I'm not sure he appreciated my interrupting his fun for a photo. 

whatcha lookin at?
No basket needed now - other than to hold my loot!

You've passed all the tests for solids food (age, sitting ability, pincher grasp, loss of tongue thrust) You'e already been sitting in his chair at the table with us for a couple weeks now and enjoy socializing at meal time but the last few days I've actually given you some food. We did a few tries with part of my banana and that was fun to smoosh but when a piece would actually end up in  your mouth, your face showed surprise more than anything. But last night's (softened) carrot stick was a big hit and I think you got at least a teaspoonful gnawed off. Still no teeth but impressive gums!

No food?
A few weeks ago. Uhm mom, there's no food here.

march fun 013
Still no food? I promise I did give him some eventually, but our battery died so no pictures!

house 002
You're still nursing like a champ. Most often while holding my nose or putting your fingers in my mouth. 

You still haven't quite doubled your birth weight but my mom always said I thinned out a bunch when I started moving, Lucy did when she started moving and now you did too (albeit much earlier than she did). Of course, "thinned out" is relative.

march fun 058
Love that baby chub! 

 You've got my long torso though and combine that with cloth diapers and you're already in 12 month clothes so I'm not worried about your growth. 

my kitty friend!

You love the kitty. Love love love her. The problem is she loves you too and has a tendency to lie down right within your reach (or your crawl zone). With help, you love to pet her but without help, you end up with a fist full of cat hair in your hand and she doesn't seem to learn her lesson. If I put you down for a nap, as soon as she sees me leave the room, she goes in, finds a spot nearby where she can keep an eye on you. Your friendship is too cute!

march fun 059
You also love your thumb when you are sleepy but not in bed (because oddly, you don't suck your thumb in bed).

 You really like to nap in bed best but will eventually give up in a carrier if I shield you from everything interesting. You are just too social unless I do. You are starting to get a little bit of stranger danger though, especially if your tired, you like your friends but only want mommy to hold you.

curtains 033b

Your monthly bath. You don't mind baths, I'm just lazy and you're a fairly clean kiddo. Of course, now that the banana smearing has begun, these will probably be more frequent. 

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