Highs and Lows

What a crazy week full of highs and lows. Craig's just switched back to working weekends so today is my "monday"  although he did manage to take Easter off so it will be a short week. I've got a bunch of pictures to post including Jonah eating sweet potato and Lucy and I decorating eggs but I just have to make some time to get them off my camera and onto flickr. But in the mean time, here's the roller coaster of the last week:

High - Gorgeous day. We spent it at a local park swinging, sliding and watching ducks. Craig even got off work in time to meet us there for a while.

High -  Woke up Saturday morning to news that Neighbor J's baby was born. It's a girl!

Low - Right after that text came a phone call from my bank asking if I was buying groceries in Italy. I wish, but alas, no. This meant that not only was I not in Italy, someone had stolen my debit card information. But on the high-er side, USAA is awesome and is handling everything so it really isn't to bad for me other except I don't have a debit card for 7-10 days.

High - Easter Egg hunt at church with Lucy and her little friends.

Low - Sunday's snow storm meant I was stuck at home all day with kids - and by all day I mean Craig worked until 10 pm so I had to put both kids down myself, and since they have basically the same bedtime, this can only mean one thing - dueling bedtime where one kid is forced to stay up later than usual until I get the other one down. Dueling bedtimes is my nemesis!

High - Craig is home and takes Lucy outside. Lucy wears herself out sledding and making a snowman.

Low - Snow? It's supposed to be spring!

High - Craig scored a new front door at a local going out of business sale. We've been wanting one for a while but were waiting till we had an extra couple hundred books unbudgeted for which oddly never seems to happen but he got it for about 1/3 of the regular cost. Now we just have to find that perfect shade of yellow.

Low - I had to take the kids to the grocery store myself at a "non-cookie store." It turns out our regular grocery store (Shnucks or what Lucy has named "the cookie store" because the bakery gives free cookies to kids) is the source of our debit card woes and it is unclear as to whether they have fixed that issue and I'm not willing to risk it).

High - Lucy didn't mind the non-cookieness and was excited to go to a different store. And it was a gorgeous day so we picked up lunch at Chik-fil-A which happens to be right next to farther away from usual non cookie grocery store so obviously it was fate. Then we went to a park to picnic and play.

Low - Things are particularly rough in the child training department. I've mentioned Lucy's been in a terrible two/three phase for a while but this is ridiculous. It's like we've feed her 10 gallons of soda and haven't let her sleep in days. Also, the accidents. Where is this coming from? Start scouring food labels...

High - Found it! Apparently that box of corn flakes was the culprit. I am 100% sure that certain food additives are an issue for Lucy in the potty training area since the change is drastic (no accidents in weeks becomes 90% accidents within a few hours). I'm less sure about the attitude/discipline stuff since slip ups are pretty rare now but am not ruling it out either.

Low - Frustrated about the accidents continuing even though I know that now that the corn flakes are gone, they'll go away soon. I was sooo careful to weed through her Easter candy and only let her have the ones I knew were safe that I can't believe I let that box of corn flakes through. I was led astray by it's short ingredient list and less than 2 grams of sugar per serving. Arg! Feeling torn between guilt for letting it slip in and then for getting annoyed with Lucy even though it wasn't her fault, annoyance at the fact that I can't buy a simple box of cereal without it wrecking havoc on our lives and then guilt again for getting upset over nothing. I know it's not serious food allergies or sickness and it's just a bit of pee. Geez, MacKenzie, relax a bit.

High - Box from grandma comes full of Mom and Lucy approved treats and clothes! Lucy's favorite parts were "the pink box with the flowers (yep, the packaging!) and all the bunnies (chocolate bunny and Annie's bunnies). Feel like less of a scrooge for refusing her request for corn flakes (she saw me holding the box).

High - Just found out Lee Min-Ho is going to be a new rom-com k-drama. He's one of my favorite two actors so I'm pretty excited about it!

Low - Jonah napped in the car for 10 minutes so of course, was wide awake when actual nap time came around. Lucy refused to nap at all since she could hear him making noises and assumed he was having fun without her.

High - Jonah went down to bed super fast. Lucy and Craig are enjoying a daddy-daughter church night for Good Friday. And that brings us up to today.

Now I'm off to enjoy a little pre-Easter devotional time to myself. Wait - time to myself to spend with God in peace and quiet with no one needing wiping or rescuing from his/her sibling? High!

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  1. You are a good mom and you have good kids, just bad days! (Easier said than believed some days)