If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. James 1:5 NIV

I just love God in this verse (not that I don't love him in other verses :-). I know I'm nothing. I know I lack wisdom. I know I need his guidance and gifts and grace...but still, somethings I feel bad asking for things from Him. I shouldn't...but I do. And He knows it and reassurances us. Yes, he wants to give us wisdom. He wants to give it to us GENEROUSLY. He doesn't find fault in your asking -  he already knows you need it! 

And right now, I need it! I need it in this moment - for how to deal with the little people in my life with patience, love and kindness.  It's not just that I know I lack the patience and self control to respond the way I want (although that's true), sometimes I truly don't know how to best to love my 2 year old in that moment - does she need more grace? More discipline? More structure? More freedom and independence? More tv? (okay, probably not that one but my nerves might need her to have some for a few minutes!)

And I need it for the future? Where are you leading me God? What decisions should I make now to ensure that I am prepared for what you are calling me to do. Give me the wisdom to see past all the day to day stuff that weighs me down so I can see and pursue the real purpose you have for my life.

Give me wisdom and give it to me generously please!

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