8 months!

8months 016b

Dear Jonah,

Bigger, better, faster. That's what this month has been about. You're into everything! You're crawling a fair amount and can now climb up stairs, into the dishwasher, on and off your floor bed (and notable Lucy's as well - she does not appreciate that new skill of yours).

april fun 037

But like to be upright even more -

april fun 002 (2)

walking with your walker wagon or whatever box or basket you can find and this past week, you've started cruising around the furniture.

 april fun 013

You can let go and grab something else as long as you remember to grab that second item. Otherwise, you stand for a second then start frantically flailing your arms before crashing down face first.

You also really love Lucy. You just want to be right where she is. Luckily you are also starting to get old enough for her to play with you a bit and I'm guessing it won't be long before you true partners in crime.

8months 031

8months 035

You love for her to make you towers of blocks to knock down. You also love playing with her silkies, either peek-a-boo or just hiding under it with her and draping it on you so you can feel it. Another game we've started playing this week is rolling the ball around and having you chase it, she claps for you when you get it and you get so excited.

outdoor 046

She also loves to feed you and sign more. I'm not sure if you are signing back any signs (there is one motion that looks like it might be something but I'm not confident enough to call it yet) but you certainly know what "more" means. And "up" and "change" but those are not nearly as exciting to you.  And at the risk of being one of "those moms," I'm pretty sure you've been trying to say "kitty" this past week. You also say "dada" but that I think is just babbling for now - not that your father isn't working on fixing that.

outdoor 019

You love to be outside, playing in the sandbox, the baby pool, the grass, the dirt. You're a pretty happy guy but every once in a while you be whiny and fussy and we can't figure out why but you stop as soon as we go outside and you stop immediately. You've learned not to eat sand which is wonderful as I try to get you and your sister outside for at least an hour every morning and afternoon so having a walled box of sandy fun to contain you makes my life a lot easier.

But everything else - still goes in your mouth. Oh well, good for your immunity :-)
outdoor 052

Speaking of eating, you finally really like eating food. Overnight you went from enjoying food for playing to really really liking to eat. Blueberries and salmon have been two of your favorites but that bagel you grabbed at church seemed to be well received as well.

fire 016

fire 018

All that playing really wears you out (unless you are sick like you were the last few days in which case you decide to skip sleeping and napping, thank goodness you decided today was a good day to start up again). And unlike your sister, your becoming a daddy's boy when it comes to bedtime. Sometimes you want me to nurse you to sleep, other times you prefer him to hold you on the front porch.

outdoor 049

outdoor 050
It's kinda nice that we can share that duty but don't give up me altogether. That sleeping face of yours is pretty adorable so I don't want to give it up completely.

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  1. Adorable! That "sleeping on daddy" picture is a classic.