Ridiculous Pinterest Items

During the dark days of croup, I was stuck one night wearing Jonah in the Boba while pacing up and down our porch. I ended up finding lots of weird products on pinterest. I was also on the kindle so I had no easy way to create a new category so I started imaging my followers thinking I really wanted these items which made me laugh even more - don't try that at home because you'll end up laughing and waking up your sick sleeping baby which is no fun for anyone.

But as long as you are not in danger of waking up a baby, proceed and enjoy.

Real dogs don't need umbrellas. I know that some dogs hate water. My mom's dog Kip hated the rain and we used to joke that he was the worst lab mix ever because he would even walk around puddles so his feet wouldn't get wet. But still, we didn't buy him an umbrella!

This one doesn't seem so bad at first glance but then you realize that the handle is really the easiest part of the spatula to store and that even if you did in fact need that many different varieties of spatula, which I am do not but maybe you differ, this takes up much more space that 5 full sized spatulas.

This is something I'm pretty sure only first time mom's pin. This poor baby. Tiny infants do not need full showers people! Maybe babies with lots of hair that are eating solids and playing in the dirt but certainly not almost bald newborns. Jonah is almost 8 months old and has yet to enjoy the full shampoo experience. If he does smear some strawberry in his hair, like he did tonight, I just wipe his head with a washcloth. I don't even normally use soap unless he's been sitting in the sandbox.

I happen to think people that walk around with bluetooth talking to themselves look stupid. I won't deny that hands free has it's advantages, but these rings lack those too. Wouldn't your hand cramp up?

This one actually won an award. It's an interesting concept but I don't really think I want to see all my food suspended in a green goo in my kitchen. And it's fine for a orange but where do you put a tray of meatballs to chill? Am I supposed to individually insert them into the gel? That hardly seems santitary or convenient. I think it might need some tweaking.

What's wrong with this you ask? Nothing. It's awesome. I need one. Especially when I make bacon quinoa risotta because that recipe is delicious but asks you to cook bacon, set it aside, then stand and stir the quinoa and broth for 20 minutes straight. If keeping a baby happy at 5pm without using more than one hand or moving from in front of the stove wasn't hard enough, they expect me to do it while staring at a plate of bacon!

And lastly,

I have no words.

Am I wrong and am just completely missing the awesomeness of one of these items? Or have you found any interesting items on pinterest lately. Do share!



  1. Those are awesome finds. And by awesome, I mean ridiculous and hilarious at the same time, of course.

  2. I remember seeing the first couple of those in your feed and wondering if you were serious. By the time you finished, I caught on to the joke. My sister saw the baby cap and thought that it would be good for Zuzu since she hates having her hair washed.