Pinterest Challenge: A Mother Culture Board

Another Pinterest challenge! And I actually had this one done before today. For more pinterest fun, visit Katie and Sherry and the rest of the pinterest challengers. 

Forever and a day ago, I talked about the idea of Mother Culture. And my plan was to come up with some concrete objectives for myself. These are really my "preschool" goals. The joyful learning and schoolish type activities we do are fun and I'm sure she learns something from them, but the purpose of that is to give her some one and one attention and time that is set aside for her more than start her educational journey.  I have over 3 years until Lucy officially starts school and until then, I think doing these things for myself needs to be my main educational goal. I'll be attempting to share how I'm working on that as I find time to blog (which seems more and more rare these days).

One of the fun projects this lead to was a "Mother Culture Board."  I wanted a bulletin board/ real life place for my stuff. Not for the Chinese menu and the list of items I need to put in my co-op order but a place for things that inspire me. And I wanted it to be all mine (insert evil laugh). Just kidding about the evil laugh, kind of.

And it just so happened that I wanted to move the pictures that had been in the kitchen to over the piano leaving a big empty wall. Big empty walls don't happen a lot around here so I grabbed my spot before someone (okay, that someone would have been me too - I'm my own worst enemy :-) came up with another use for it.

 I found several tutorials for different boards, like this one

and this one

 and meshed together a plan that poor Craig had to put together. I don't think he found the experience quite as fun as I did but I love the end result so big thanks to my darling DH!

The frame is molding painted with the leftovers from the sandbox project. The inside is leftover chalkboard paint over magnetic metal sheeting. This is what it looked like the first day but over a month later and it's a bit messier - in a good way. It currently has the pictures we are studying (yes, we - it was me but Lucy has insisted upon taking over joining me ), the bible verses from James I'm memorizing and other things I'm currently pondering.  And it's huge. Look, it's like the size of 30 something Jonah heads.

Let the mother culturing begin!

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