Too many choices!

Craig is currently working on a project for me. He started it on Mother's Day but because I'm difficult and can't ask for something easy he can pick up from a store, I'll have to wait just a little while for the end product - this coffee table.

I'm really excited about having it for a number of reasons. The first being that I'd like to have a coffee table to put things on occasionally. We been without one for a couple months since our old one was a cheapo from Ikea. It held up fairly well to two moves and nice calm gently Lucy but stood no chance against Jonah. As soon as he started to pull up, it had to go.

The second reasons is also related to Jonah. That coffee table is also a play table and we are desperate for a Jonah-less place for Lucy to play. She loves to set up little worlds with her toys and people but Jonah is baby-zilla and only wants to be where she is. She tries so hard to be patient with him - she'll start to scream then stop herself, take deep breaths and say "mommy, please help me" But it's a never ending cycle and it is driving the four of us crazy. I'm not delusional enough to think this will solve all our problems, but it should help reduce my stress a bit.

But it's also bringing in a new stress. I have to decide how to finish it. It used to be simply, paint or stain? But no, Pinterest has mucked that up and now I have 5 million options. Stains, regular paint, chalk paint  (Annie Sloan or DIY), whitewashing, stain with paint over top, paint with stain over top, paint with glaze, colored stain - ahhh! I can't take it.

I've narrowed it down to a few options. Just a few ;-)

1) Basic Stain similar to original image.

Pros: Easy. Craig would be willing to do it all for me. Would work in a large variety of spaces if it ends up moving to another room.

Cons: We already have several different colors of wood in the living room so adding another huge wooden piece might be a bit much. Not very interesting. Our table has two types of wood and exposed edges so it may not stain very evenly.

2) White/Cream Paint

Pros: Easy. Craig would be willing to do it all for me (partially). Would work in a large variety of spaces if it ends up moving to another room. Would brighten up the space.

Cons: We personally have not had a lot of a luck with paint and durability despite our using well recommended paints and primers and following all the tips/tricks with sanding and wait times and whatnot. Light color would show "distress" fairly easily. I'd probably want to tone it down a bit with glaze which Craig would not want to do himself.

3) Yellow colored stain - I'm thinking the harvest grain yellow seen here) and while I can't find a yellow stained table, I do like these painted yellow tables here.

Pros: Easy. Craig would be willing to do it all for me. Different and fun.

Cons:  Our table has two types of wood and exposed edges so it may not stain very evenly. Yellow color is somewhat limiting, design wise.  (although I think we are well invested with yellow in our house at this point considering ~ 1/3 of the walls in our house and our new front door are yellow). Yellow overload.

4) Whitewashing/Pickling (either alone or with one coat stain underneath)

Pros: Different and fun. Would brighten up the space. Should still be fairly versatile. Variety of wood and expose edges shouldn't be an issue. Rustic charm might cover up toddler abuse that will surely occur over the next year or two.

Cons: Trendy (would look dated in a couple years?). Perhaps too rustic/shabby chic for our style although look can vary depending on how much of a coat it gets. Craig's not sure he likes the look. I'm pretty sure Craig would make me do it myself.

5) Combination: Cream bottom with wood top. Or painted/colored stain (probably yellow or green) and wood combo.

Pros: Different and fun. Would cover up wood/edges issue. Have been meaning to sneak some green in the room and this would be a way.

Cons. More work. Craig would most definitely make me do it myself. Some combinations might be more country than I want (although style of table helps prevent that). Too many options and I'd never be able to pick one.

Here is a picture of our living room currently.

I think I'm leaning whitewash - if I can try it out on some scrap pine to see if Craig and I can get something we both like and agree on. But then again, I've changed my mind 3 times already so by the time you're reading this, I could have moved on. Any thoughts? 

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  1. I think the room needs color! Minwax has a mustard stain. It would match the door. :)