11 months

11mon 028

Dear Jonah,

This month you finally hit two milestones: walking and teeth. Both came only 2 days after you turned 10 months old. You've still only got one tooth but I think another one is about to make an appearance any time now.

august 083

And walking, your a pro now. You can walk across a room now and even turn around or switch directions. often walk with one hand in front of you in a sort of "Charge!" posture and if you are not walking anywhere specific, you often go sideways as much as forward. It's so cute.

august 020
Trouble? Who me?
august 024

You've also started to carry things with you. You really like to be strong. You make this weightlifter face when you pick things up or when you are trying to tear things apart. Its often accompanies by an arrgg sound. Such a boy you are!

august 072

You've also started to enjoy books more and more which is so much fun for me. When Lucy is asleep but you aren't, you get annoyed and a little bit whiney but I can usually cheer you up by reading to you. Your favorite part is flipping pages. I'll lift the page up and you smack it over as fast as you can. Lately you will even go over and look at them yourself. A few days ago I was cooking dinner while you were playing and banging and screeching and all of a sudden I realized it was quiet. Too quiet. I ran over to the living room excepting to find you climbing up something dangerous or having snuck into the bathroom to play in the toilet but there you were, sitting all nicely just flipping the pages of one of your books. I had to take a picture to prove it had happened - you can be quiet and still. Of course, 5 minutes later you had dumped every single book off of Lucy's shelf. It was nice while it lasted though.

august 081

You've started to copy and mimic us a lot. You like to help sweep. You've really taken off with babbeling. You don't have any real words yet but your infection is pretty much spot on. You'll tilt your head and say things like its a question and just stare at me. Your probably wondering why I'm not answering them correctly. You've also gotten pretty independent recently. We've always done baby led weaning but on occasion I would give you food from my spoon or fork. But now, you want the spoon or fork. Sometimes you jab at the food but more often you pick up the fork, pick up the food and put it on the fork, then put it in your mouth. Some of your favorite foods are avocado/guacamole, cheese, and curry (or what Lucy calls "Chicken Curry in a Hurry" but your favorite "food" is actually a drink - water. You absolutely LOVE to drink water from your glass.

august 008

You've really become Daddy's little guy this month. Most nights, you want to nurse but then daddy needs to be the one to put you to sleep. I'm not complaining!

outside 009

You're also starting actually play with toys instead of just bang things with the. You can push the balls through your hammering toy (we've taken the hammer away since the incident with Lucy's face) and you can put the rings on your ring stacker too. You get so excited when you finally get one of those into place.

august 003

 You also love dolls. Lucy doesn't really like you playing with her dolls so that's another treat you get to experience when she's sleeping. You just hug and kiss them all up while you have the chance. Of course, you like to give kisses to me too. And you love to be kissed and hugged by everyone, but especially Lucy. If she accidentally (or truthfully, not accidentally) hurts you, she knows to say sorry and give you a hug and a kiss and you almost always stop crying as soon as you get your hug. She also gives you "hug and a smooch" whenever you go down for a nap and you always smile when she does. You two are so sweet - most of the time.

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