Counting my cold creamy blessings

With all the dietary changes I've had to make recently, I've been counting my blessings on what I can eat. And I'm ever so thankful that my favorite food is still on my okay list. And that my friends, is ice cream. Today was National Ice Cream Day which seemed to fit this weekend for me. Friday was a church lady book club night combined with a ice cream social. Sitting around talking about a book with a group of wonderful women while eating ice cream - what's not to love? Well, nobody really liked the book that much (are you curious? It was The Book Thief) but everything else was a win. Basically the only kind of ice cream I don't like is coffee flavored, which makes sense since I also hate coffee. 

I can justify my ice cream intake because I mostly do homemade and use raw cream and milk, sucanat and grass fed eggs. And since our chickens recently started laying eggs, my next batch will be made with super local backyard eggs! Even if that wasn't the case, I'd still eat it. I've given up gluten but you'd have to pry ice cream out of my cold dead fingers. Yes, they would be cold, because they would be holding tight to my bowl of ice cream.

I've made many different flavors. From the plain vanilla - I like alton brown's recipe although take note of the typo there. Nobody puts peach jam in vanilla ice cream. That would make it peach ice cream which is all very well and good but its' not vanilla, kwim?! I've also tried some crazy ones like peanut butter cookie dough, lemon cheesecake, blueberry mango and salted butterscotch (all from this e-book). I still haven't found a really good chocolate recipe and I really must remedy that because chocolate is my favorite flavor, especially with some sliced bananas (only in the past as bananas are on my no list for now) or strawberries (still MacKenzie approved!). I'll keep trying though. But let me know if you have one I should try - it's for science. The perfect chocolate ice cream recipe is out there and I am determined to find it. 

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