What we've been eating

I want to record my meal plans for purely selfish reasons. I want to be able to find them later. But I can never seem to get it quite together enough to post them in advance. So while other people post about what they will be eating, I'm posted about what we just ate.

  • Breakfast - Old Fashioned Oat Pancakes - We really like these, especially because its a GF pancake recipe made with all normal ingredients (I do substitute coconut oil for canola though). Hurrah for no weird flours or gums. One tip - let the batter sit at least 5 minutes. If you do, perfect pancake. If you don't, a big crumble mess. 
  • Lunch - Tortilla Chips and Guacamole, Watermelon, Yogurt (We got back from a Trader Joe's trip and kids really wanted Yogurt and I wanted Guac so I just made it our meal)
  • Dinner - Gumbo* using GF adaption of sweet rice flour for roux (freezer meal) 
  • Dessert - Leftover GF Strawberry/Rhubarb Crisp. This used oats and was really good. I thought I had pinned the recipe but must not have because I can't find it again. Sad :-(
  • Breakfast - Cereal (Chex) 
  • Lunch - Leftover Gumbo, watermelon and cherries
  • Dinner - Rotisserie Chicken from Costco, potato salad* and broccoli - We had dentist appointments in the afternoon and Craig needed to swing by Costco anyway. I prepped the potato salad in the morning so all I had to do that evening was boil broccoli. Easier than a frozen pizza - or it would have been if Craig hadn't forgotten the chicken! He knew we were supposed to be having it for dinner but I forgot to put it on the list so we had to share the blame. He ran to our local store and picked up a chicken there but it was little and really pathetic looking. Another sad :-(
  • Breakfast -  Bacon and Eggs
  • Lunch - PB& J for kids, salad with veggie, leftover chicken, cheese and hard boiled eggs (I made extra when I boiled 2 for the potato salad yesterday)
  • Dinner - Bible Study Potluck. I was in charge of the mail dish and brought this Baked Ziti (using beef and brown rice noodles)
  • Breakfast - Blueberry Baked Oatmeal
  • Lunch - Picnic at the Park/Creek with PB&Js for kids, leftover potato salad for me, cheese sticks, cherries and oranges for all. 
  • Dinner - My planned meal of pintos beans and quinoa cornbread got bumped for leftover ziti. Yay! I love leftovers if it mean I don't have to cook, especially on a really nice summer day.
  • Breakfast - Was supposed to be eggs but we were out so Chex it was
  • Lunch - Picnic at the 4th of July parade. Sandwiches and fruit for Craig and kids, lunch meat, lara bar and fruit for me. I still need to work on gluten free picnic food. 
  • Dinner - GF Fried chicken**, the remains of what apparently was never ending potato salad,  baked beans (based on this recipe but with beans from a can because I was supposed to save some from yesterday but never made them) and salad. 
  • Breakfast - Eggs and Toast, minus the toast for me
  • Lunch - Mish-mash of leftovers, guacamole, chips, fruit, 
  • Dinner - Tuna salad (on buns for Craig and kids, on lettuce for me), carrots and snap peas with ranch. 
  • Breakfast - Muesli with strawberries and blueberries.
  • Lunch - Random leftovers/sandwiches. This is always the most rushed meal because we are trying to get kids down for naps after church before the donut sugar high runs off and they melt down.
  • Dinner - Pan-fried Pork Chops, applesauce and broccoli
*From Feeding Our Families. One of my most used cookbooks before going gluten free and still is because she has easy adaptions for almost all of her recipes.

** From Elizabeth Hasselback's Deliciously G-Free, a library book I'm borrowing. 

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