WOL Changes

I know several of you have mentioned that you plan to use Worlds of Learning next year which is great! We've really been enjoying it and I hope you do to. Alas, Scribd seems to be changing its terms of service and now charges a subscription fee. Boo, I want you all to have this for free! I'm not making money off of it, I don't even have Amazon Affiliates right now.

So if you have a Scribd subscription for other reasons, feel free to use it for downloading but if you don't, rest assured, I will be moving it. Probably to Google Docs but if any of you have another site that you would recommend, please share. In the meantime, if you've viewed it at Scribd and like what you see, just send me an email and I'll be happy to email you the files directly until I have this worked out.

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