Paper or Plastic

In my mind I'm an all paper girl. I imagine myself writing at a desk facing out a window onto a gorgeous view. I sit in the quiet with a cup of tea at my side, pondering deep thoughts and expressing them well to encourage and enlighten others. That writing girl in my head is probably named Cordelia. 

In reality, I'm a keyboard girl - and silence may be golden but they are both elusive in this house. I'm currently typing this reclined on a couch covered with towels with a sick boy sleeping on my chest - and a recovering but still incredible cranky girl fussing all around me because her blanket is too small to cover her head and her toes at one time but she refuses to use a larger one. So no poetic moments here but still, I'm writing. So I'm grateful for the computer using girl. Let's call her Anne. 

My other non-blogging writing is a bit more mixed. It's the same poetic Cordelia versus practical Anne. I've slowly succumbed to evernote but I've still got my paper notebook and home journal because sometimes inspiration strikes when i'm outside watching the kids play. I track most of my book reading notes on the kindle but every week or so I transfer them to my handwritten commonplace book. I practice my french on duolingo but still keep a paper french notebook with the words and grammer I'm learning. I love the convenience of a tablet or computer especially when I've got a nursling but paper is special. Paper is pretty, it's real, its got its own smell and its own sound. Who doesn't love the sound of a notebook crackling the first time you open in?  There is something that happens in my my brain when I write something down by hand, it captures it in a way typing doesn't. So in my day to day life, I will be Anne the practical girl, but deep inside lives Cordelia, lover of paper!

*Can anyone guess what book I've just re-read? It shouldn't be hard considering I spelled Anne with an e ;-)

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