In an effort to encourage myself to branch out with what I write about and get back to enjoying blogging a bit more, I thought I'd try and follow along with some of The Sits Girls July writing prompts. The July 1st prompt:

If you were a superhero, what would your powers be?

I almost skipped this one because I couldn't think of one but luckily, we are in the midst of potty training and a near miss of an accident (and yes, I know what a near miss means) provided some inspiration. I would want to control liquids with my mind. Not to save the world from evil by controlling an ocean or anything. Oh no, I'm thinking practical uses here.

- 2 year old didn't quite make it to the potty. Clean up that puddle without a fuss.
- 4 year old insists on pouring her own milk at breakfast. No worries, just hold it back a little so it comes out slowly.
- Both kids love picking raspberries and wiping the juice all over their clothes. Pull it out molecule by molecule from those non-stain resistant cotton tees.
- Filled up the baby pool yesterday but didn't empty it. Don't bother with scooping out that warm, sandy and grass filled thing by hand. Just send it off to water the garden before any fully clothed child attempts to wade in.

Oh, that would be nice. Now excuse me, since I don't actually have that super power, it's time to get to my laundry.

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