One down, twelve to go.

Okay, I finally finished cleaning the kitchen! I started Saturday afternoon and it was only supposed to take one afternoon, but life did not work out that way. I told myself not to get distracted by other things once I started, but as you will soon read, it really couldn't have been helped.

First, I needed to empty the trash. I couldn't clean the fridge with a full trash can. But it leaked some incredible nasty brown fluid all over my floor. I still have no idea what it was since I didn't eat anything other than cereal and milk at home the whole week due to VBS. But ignoring the grossness of that (please ignore the grossness of that), I still had to clean the floor up. So I went to grab a few rags and my bottle of vinegar from under the bathroom sink but my rags were all wet. My sink was leaking and everything underneath it was soaked. I had to figure out how to turn the water off and clean up the bathroom.

Over an hour after I "started" cleaning the kitchen, my house looked like a complete wreck and I had accomplished nothing but taking out the trash.

It didn't really seem to get much better over the next couple of days:

I went to turn off the kitchen light but forgot I had a bowl of yogurt and granola in that hand and threw it all over the walls and floor I had just cleaned.

I went to transfer the cat food from the huge 20lbs bags we buy it in to the nice and easy to pour plastic container and instead poured about half of it on the floor, and I can't even count on our cat to clean it up. Zeeba does not eat things that have been on the floor. But ants do, and apparently they really like cat food. It's a good things I only missed a couple pieces on my cleanup search.

I went to buy cute containers to organize my spices but forgot the measurements and ended up buying ones I was 90% sure would fit, except they didn't. They were about 1/4" longer than the cabinets were deep.

The funnel slipped as I was making kefir and I flooded the counters with sugar water...I think you get the picture.

But four days later, my kitchen is clean, really really clean. My counters and floors have been thoroughly cleaned about four times in the last few days, my spices are organized in a simple but effective manner

my jars have tags
I freed up some space by moving the microwave to above the fridge so I have more room for things like making yogurt and kefir and I even fixed up a make shift centerpiece. But I have to tell ya, if each of my projects goes this poorly, I don't think I'm going to make it very far down my list.


  1. It's a culture thing I use to ferment milk or water. I've been experimenting lately but have started to get good results so there should be a post coming up soon describing it more.

  2. And don't look to closely at those jar tags because I noticed last night I mixed up my brown rice and brown lentil tags. I really do know how to read.

  3. The concept of a cat who doesn't eat things off the floor is entirely foreign to me.

  4. She is an extremely picky eater. She will only eat three things:
    1) Dry cat food
    2) Laxative
    3) Wheat grass

    As I said, she will not even eat the cat food off the floor. And she won't eat the grass unless we feed it to her blade by blade. We have tried to get her to eat wet cat food, pieces of tuna, salmon, chicken broth - she will have none of it.

  5. "mama said there'd be days like this"

  6. I love the lemons and limes in the jar. Do you have to refrigerate those or do you use them up quickly enough?

  7. I use lemons pretty quickly because of the kefir and I like to have a couple at room temperature since I get more juice that way. Whenever I need one, I take a warm one and replace it with one from the fridge.

    The limes I needed for a recipe in the baby shower but it came with a bunch so I used the extra. I think they will last quite a while compared to flowers and are cheaper.