Summertime Schedule

I added a new feature of the right sidebar. It is a to-do list for the summer. I don't think I will actually accomplish all that but if I even get half of that done, I will count these next ten weeks as a success.

The craft things are all projects I have been wanting to do for a while but have let go since this spring semester was so busy.

The cleaning is based on SimplyMom's Spring Cleaning for Normal People. I said earlier that I don't believe in spring cleaning. Well, the nice weather is gone and I can't possible even consider going outside in the Texas heat between 6am and 8pm unless I absolutely have to, cleaning and organizing doesn't sound so bad. Summer cleaning here I come.

Whether the canning gets done will ultimately depend on our farmer's market and its selection. Craig and I tried canning for the first time last weekend making a batch of peach jam. The half jar I ended up left with was quite good but I only got two pints stored away so I will have to make more. And the tomatoes I have gotten so far from the market have been quite tasty so I think I will be heading back for more to can when I have a chance. If anything else pops up there that I can use in my water bath (fruit and tomatoes only - no veggies :-( I might add that to the list as well.

Of course, all of these projects will have to wait until next weekend because this week is VBS! Everyday I will go directly from work to a class full of first graders, just waiting to bombard me with questions and suck every drop of energy from my body before leaving me to crawl home at 9pm, sleep and repeat. I can't wait!

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  1. We're having VBS this week. I'm helping my sister with the 2nd grade girls, in addition to my usual jobs (pianist, store runner, etc.)

    Plus my first nephew was born yesterday. Sleep? What is that again? Maybe next week!