I have a confession. I figure I had better tell you know because between that last post and my (hopefully) upcoming posts this summer about cleaning, you will find out - I have an addiction to labeling.

I just love to labels things, anything, it doesn't even matter if it even needs a label. Yes, I can tell perfectly well by looking at a glass jar of popcorn that it holds popcorn, but I still made a label. Why not?

I come by this obsession naturally. My dad is a big labeler. And he taught me well. At home, I try to keep my labeling in check, and it helps that I don't have an actual label maker. I have to print out strips of paper with a cute font and laminate them with contact paper. It works well but takes a bit of time.

At work though, I have a fancy electronic label maker at my disposal. It's so quick and easy to use that when I go to check it out, I get so excited about all the labeling I am about to do. I was in charge of organizing the lab and I must say, I went a bit crazy. Every single cabinet was labeled with a number and a letter then items were also listed in a database I made that told you what number/letter to find that item under. But of course, I also labeled each cabinet with the items found inside for at-a-glance finding. Every tweezer and timer is labeled with its "owner's" initials. Every pipette is labeled with its purpose. I love it!

What about you? Are you a closet labeler? Or do you have another semi-embarrassing confession to make? Come on, it's fun!


  1. You got this gene from your Dad.

  2. I've gotten to use a labelmaker a couple times at work (there are many CDs that don't have their names visible on the sides of the cases). It's pretty fun. However, I have yet to incorporate labelmania into my personal life. But if that's your passion, embrace it! Label the cat if need be!