-Here is an anti-homeschooling article that has been shredded to pieces all over the blog world. I won't get into actually refuting it myself, not only because it's already been done but because the article is really too asinine to bother doing so. If that is a compilation of the best arguments against homeschooling, I'm not too worried. But my point in linking to it is that it is obvious this man has no clue what the purpose of a school should be, but scarily, I don't think he is atypical in that.

-Barack Obama is the first president to be included in Forbes' 100 most powerful celebrity list. Perhaps that is because, until Barack Obama, we haven't considered our presidents to be "celebrities." Political official and world leader, yes; celebrity, no.

-Professor Theophilus talks about Tattooing and why we do (or don't) follow specific Old Testament principles. It's a concept I think few understand and his logic is so good, I'm willing to forget he hails from tu. (Sidenote: the article kept making me think of Anne's quote "What do you think a mother would feel like if she found her child tattooed over with a baking powder advertisement?")


  1. Reading that homeschooling article made me wonder--is it from some sort of reputable site, or was it just some dude ranting pointlessly that got a lot of attention?

  2. I'd never heard of it before then and it has only been around for several months. It's just a site run by 8 or so teachers where they talk about issue relating to education.

  3. HI there,

    Saw that you linked to us. Just wanted to point out that, yes, we're an education blog, run by two teachers, myself and the guy who wrote the ill-advised homeschooling post. The other writers are not in any way connected to Jesse's now infamous rant. Personally, I've learned a ton about homeschooling in the aftermath, and, though I will probably not homeschool my own children, I certainly believe everyone should have the right to do so. Anyway, this might be asking a little much, but I hope you weren't so put off by the homeschooling post that you didn't check out some of our other stuff. It's a mixture of material from many perspectives (public, private, international, and as of a few days ago, homeschoolers). And it's really thoughtful, quality stuff.

  4. MacKenzie I saw that homeschooling article on the Free Republic site and honestly it wasn't worth the effort to refute, the author clearly didn't put any effort into what and why he was writing. I don't know why people fear homeschooling; I think it may have something to do with worldview. Ours was patently Christian, but your Dad and I also home schooled because we wanted a good education for our children, whereas most Americans want socialization and equality of outcome and that is why a whole generation is being "dumbed" down, the public school focus is on "programs" and NOT reading, writing and Arithmetic.