Calling All Aggies!

The Beav is coming to visit later this week. I'll pick him up Friday and we'll spend the holiday with my aunt, uncle, and cousins before heading back to good ol' BCS for a few days. He will be attending baseball camp for most of that time, but I am planning on dragging him away from that for a little while to show him around. I have to do a really good job showing off A&M's assets because, unfortunately, my other brother is a t-sip and might try to persuade the young Beaver to go to that other university in Texas. For obvious reasons, this will not do.

So I need your help! If you had 24-48 hrs in which to show a fun loving 15-year-old sports fan of the male persuasion around campus and town, where would you go? Where would you eat? What are the must-sees?

Thanks and gig'em,


  1. I liked taking family to the Dixie Chicken in the afternoons for chicken strips and milkshakes.

    On campus, show him the stuff he might be interested in (e.g. engineering buildings if he leans at all in that direction - Zachry has the space shuttle hanging there), or the swanky business buildings on west campus if he's going in that direction, or walk through Langford if he might be into architecture - they usually have some pretty cool models around.

    Aside from that (in no particular order) - the academic building and Sul Ross, Kyle Field, the MSC...

    Just don't take him to Blocker or Heldenfels - those might scare him away =)

  2. um...I only really know of Langford, were there other buildings on campus? There is some sport museumish thing near Kyle Field right? Or is it just another store?

  3. One girls' dorm building should do it!