Can I get some Eyre in here?

I've been on a bit of a Jane Eyre kick lately. It started when someone recommended I watch, The Autobiography of Jane Eyre, a modernized web series. So I watched it, all 101 episodes, over the course of a week or so (but they are short episodes! I promise I slept during that week).

Now, I want to be cautious in recommending this because its far from perfect. It's a loose adaptation. The plot sticks fairly close although obviously changes had to be made for it to work in modern Canada (I think?). I love these modern adaptions because it forces me to think about the essence of the book and how that is, or is not, retained, in an adaption. And the characters are a big part of that. They changed small characters quite a bit but I think they did okay with the two we all real care about.

Some say that having a vlog doesn't seem like a very Jane thing, that the real Jane wouldn't put herself out there like that. But as in introvert that writes fairly openly on her blog, I disagree with that. And the original was written in the first person so the "real" Jane does put herself out there.  That said, I do think that this Jane isn't the Janiest Jane there ever way, but I still like her. They didn't totally drop the religion thing which I was worried about although there are instances where I wish her moral fortitude was clearer since that's a big part of her character. And in both the book and the vlob, I find myself thinking that Jane and I have a lot in common and would probably make good friends, as long as that friendship didn't rely on long phone conversations.

Reader, I married him.

And I actually like how they portrayed Rochester in this version, not because they made him this great stand-up guy, but because I can at least kinda see why she loved him. Because, unlike these people, I would NEVER have voted for Mr. Rochester as the most romantic character in literature. I don't know who those people are but they be crazy! Yes, the very thought of voting him as that makes me loose my grammatical sense. But after seeing him in this and shaking my head, "Why are you making him funny and dorky-witty and not creepy" then re-reading the book, I was able to see a new side to him. I still want Jane to end up with him mostly because she wants him and I still think this cartoon I found on pinterest represents Rochester well but I'm coming around

So despite it's flaws which I'll mention below, it really did help me see the book it a new light which is very helpful for those classics that I want to read and re-read. I'm not interested in analyzing in a clifs notes way but this time of comparing and contrasting is just fun.

It's pretty low quality. I think that adds to its charm. Not just the realistic vlog not produced show aspect is part of that but also because it really feels like this project was a labor of love. I appreciate that more than flashy special effects.

The big issues is the ending. I don't fault them for the ending because they lost the actor who played Rochester and that's a big deal. I think they did the best they could have. Maybe finding a fill in would have worked better but then I'd probably just be complaining about that. I really just wish I could have seen what they had planned, there was some foreshadowing and I think I would have liked it. So be forewarned. But all in all, I enjoyed it. It may not be the most dignified re-telling or win any awards but in the words of Bronte herself...

Of course, after watching that, I had to read the original again. I think this is the fourth time I've read it.  It really does get better each time - or maybe I just relate to it more the further into adulthood I get. As opposed to when I read it in high school, I've had to make those hard decisions, the ones that cost me dearly and I've struggled with relationships and boundaries and forgiveness. Time makes a difference. I think this reading has moved it up to being one of my top 10 books of all time.

I've also seen one or two movie versions but not any that I really liked. Unlike the vlog, they seem to make the story seem more distant and less real. I understand its supposed to be gothic but enough with the shadows and fog already. Suffice it to say, I wasn't really interested in watching any other movies.

I picked up "The Eyre Affair" which was amusing because so much of it dealt with the end of Jane Eyre. I think The Eyre Affair was better for me because I was reading the original at the time and was kinda
obsessed with all things Jane. I still think I'll pick up the next one though.

It's a bit sad. I still feel like I need more Eyre but there isn't any to be had. Well, there is that graphic novel but even I won't stoop that low. I guess this is just the burden a book lover has to bear. Right? Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way?


  1. I was going to recommend The Eyre Affair, and then I got to the end and saw you'd already heard of it!

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  3. Adding Jane Eyre (again) to my reading list to be quickly followed by The Eyre Affair (again, again).