Celebrating Two!

I love the second birthday because they get it. The first the might understand presents and like cake and ice cream but this year, he knew it was coming, he was excited and he can hold up two fingers when you ask his age.

 And now, with most of his presents coming from extended family who live out of town, he knows that when the mailwoman comes, he can run up to her to get a package and say "Happy Birthday to Me!" I'm sure he'll unlearn that soon as the real truth that we all have to come to grasps with replaces it and he comes to understand that mail is normally boring bills or things that go straight to the recycling bin. But for now, the mail enthusiasm is quite charming.

grandpa 013

I think this is my favorite cake picture. It's not the most flattering picture of me I've ever seen but on Jonah's side, doesn't that just scream "I'm Two!?" He kept trying to put his whole hand in the cake and was saying "My cake, my dino" over and over again like I didn't know it was actual his. A long day with an airplane flight and no nap probably contributed to the issues but once we moved on to the singing and candles and cake eating part, he did better.

grandpa 016

The funny thing is that he doesn't actually like cake, he just eats the ice cream. But he didn't skip the cake because of taste. It was from a box which I hardly ever do but GF baking is still intimidating and I must say that the King Arthur Gluten-Free Cake Mix is superb. Probably my favorite boxed cake ever. With a simple chocolate frosting and a Schleich dino stuck on top.

grandpa 014

grandpa 017

grandpa 051

grandpa 057

bday 002

bday 004

grandpa 003

He got lots of books, some dress up stuff and a bunch of dinos. Here he is with his "Big Dino Thomas" after an unfortunate chin + concrete = urgent care incident. He wanted "Big Dino Thomas" to have a chin band-aid just like he had. That's my sweet, crazy, energetic, injury-prone little boy!

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