Let's start at the very beginning.

Except not do-ra-me. A-B-C. A to be exact. For the Letter A we started at the transportation museum , looking for Airplanes and Automobiles.

It was really more trains than anything else but I really just wanted to go there to try out the creation station again and see if I thought it would be worth a membership for the winter. The Auto and Airplane thing was an afterthought. Actually, that's how a lot of the letters stuff has been but it still works.

Highlights include:

  • Finally finding an airplane at the very back of the museum, long after Jonah had given up on walking by himself.
  • The creation station. It was almost empty despite the heat so Jonah had two train tables to himself and Lucy got to do some art one on one with the guide.  
  • Lucy getting "chosen" to call out All Aboard and sit in the special seat. There were only three kids and since Jonah and the other were both under 2, I don't think it was a tough decision for the driver but no need to tell her that.

augustschool 014

Later on that week, we did some apple stamping which was mostly for Jonah's sake. I laugh when I see pinterest apple stamping projects because this time turned out exactly how last time's did - a big mess of finger painting. Which is totally fine with me although I do wish I had thought to take Jonah's shirt off before he dipped his hand in the paint. We started with one stamp and some letter writing....

augie 037

augie 034
5 minutes later...
augie 038

We read lots of poems. There favorite was about Animal crackers and since I read poems at snack time, I had to serve some. This is the face I got when I asked for a smile.

augustschool 048

And we read lots of A themed books, can you tell which one we had just read here?

augie 043

augie 039

Ten Apples Up On Top, of course! And no, I did not give them the idea to put apples on their heads and keep dropping them until they are so bruised we have to throw them out. That was all Craig. But the book was a bit hit. Jonah also really liked Animals Should Definitely Not Act Like People. I didn't care for it but still had to read it probably 50 times before I declared it was "due back at the library". Don't judge me, it was due back eventually, I just speed up the process.

And not everything is A themed. We also did read lots of non-A books, did some math

augustschool 001

and sangs lots of songs, oftentimes while sitting in baskets (I don't know why, this is just a thing they have started doing, sometimes before I've even put the folded laundry away but if they are playing nicely together, I tend to let the little things like that go).
augie 033

And that's how we spent our first week of preschool! On to B!

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