Weekend at Grandpa's House

We went to my dad's last weekend. Of course, we had planned our San Antonio visit for early September thinking the heat would be down a bit but still nice enough to swim. Ha, we should plan to lottery because what are the odds of us visiting Texas in September to experience fall weather! (Probably the same as us getting married in Texas in January thinking it would be fine only to end up with a blizzard! Oh Texas, you do us wrong) So it was a bit brisk but we promised the kids so I did brave the water not just once, but two times! Lucy was a fish but kept asking why her tooth were tapping and Jonah decided he's rather run around the outside of the pool naked and dry. But fun was had and that's what is important.

We also played at the park
grandpa 025

grandpa 027

grandpa 029

grandpa 032

grandpa 034

rode a train

grandpa 038

grandpa 041

grandpa 045

fed some horses

grandpa 063

and deer.

grandpa 072

grandpa 074

grandpa 075

(although in this picture, that apple was really Jonah's snack that I didn't realize he hadn't finished in the car. He was supposed to give them a carrot. No deer were harmed but Jonah was a bit upset!)

We also celebrated Jonah's birthday a bit early but I'll post about that next week after he's official two. No need to rush the "terrible twos" on to me just yet. I still have 48 hours of baby-hood to savor.

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