The things they say

After listening to Where The Wild Things Are for the 100th time, Lucy turns to me and says "Mom, I think Max must have been dreaming all those things"

Stolen from Craig's fb page:
Me: ♪"This is what it sounds like when doves cry."♪
Lucy: "Animals can't cry, they have all their legs on the ground so they can't wipe their tears."

Lucy: What flavor is this lollipop mom?
Me: well, the wrapper doesn't say so you'll just have to try it and find out. 
Lucy: Hmm, it tastes like sugar. No, it takes like Manna!

Jonah: Lull-bye, Lull-bye. Peas!

Me: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little...
Jonah: No, no no nursery rhyme. Lull-bye!

Lucy: Mom, can I do some art with my royal pastels
Me: You mean your oil pastels?
Lucy: No, Royal pastels. I'm a princess so they are Royal Pastels. 

Jonah, while eat his dinner of salmon: I la you sam-on! Takes a bit and picks up another. I la you sam-on...

Lucy: I love you as much as the stars in the sky. 
Me: I love you as much as the number of books in the library
Lucy: I love you as much as God loves me...and that's a lot. 

Lucy, singing a song she learned at her bug class: Head, thorax, abdomen, abdomen. Head, thorax, abdomen, abdomen. Compound eyes, two antennae and 6 legs. Head, shoulders, I mean thorax, abdomen. Mom, I keep singing shoulders because it reminds me of that other song. It's very similar to that one. Actually, very very similar to that other song. Did you ever notice that?

Lucy: There are two couples in the backyard right now. You and daddy and me and Jonah. I'm going to marry Jonah. 
Me: Well, brothers and sisters aren't allowed to get married. 
Lucy: But I love him.
Me: I'm so glad you love him and he will always be your brother, but its against the law for you to marry. 
Lucy: Is it dangerous?
Me: Kinda...

Me: Lucy, go call daddy. It's almost time for dinner. 
Lucy: Finally, my dream come true! (I promise I feed her on a regular basis)

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