My little "laura"

Lucy has been obsessed with "Laura and Mary" for well over a year now. I've only read her the first four books (on purpose, we own them all but I'm saving them since Laura ages with the books) but we've read those four several times and she's listened the Little House on the Prairie on audio book several times as well. So much of her pretend play involves Laura.

Sadly, I had never made her a prairie girl dress up outfit. I meant to but I wanted to "do it right" and had put it off. But last week I got an email about her upcoming American Heritage Girl mother daughter tea party. There was going to be a fashion show and the girls could dress up in one of several themes. Of course, Lucy picked her favorite book character - the one and only Laura Ingalls!

But I only had 8 days to put together a costume. And I'm having a Hashimoto's flair up which not only leaves me with little energy, but also joint pain, mostly in my wrists and elbows. I could only sew about 10 minutes before it was too painful too continue. Ack! There was no way I could pull off the authentic costume of my dreams. So, in true basement style, I compromised. We ran to the fabric store and got this sorta -calico fabric. Not totally traditional but at least a floral. I used this very simple (and free!) peasant dress pattern I'd used before (for her Laura pajamas!) and completely improvised an apron. We borrowed the bonnet from a friend but I will be making/buying one for her in the future.

And while it may not be the costume of my dreams, it is the costume of hers. And I think she's adorable in it too :-)

Tea party is about to begin. Lucy and "Charlotte" are excited!

On the cat walk

My sad attempt at a selfie

 A better shot with some help from a fellow mom

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