Things I love: My life

Getting back in the habit of blogging consistently has been a bit harder than I expected. I thought perhaps a weekly feature type post would help me out since it 1) forces me to write at least once a week instead of writing several posts in a burst of writing energy and then stop while I spread out the posting and 2) narrow down the topics so I don't freeze at all my options and pick none of them.

But what to write about? How about things I love? I love a lot of things - people, places, things, ideas. Lots of options but still somewhat focused. And if I was the type of person to be able to pick one word for the year, I might select gratitude this year. I can't actually do that because it's only the 9th day of the year and I've already thought "Hmm, that would make a good word for my year" at least 10 times. I'm just not that single minded. But if I had to pick my top ten words, gratitude would make the list. I'm pretty sure. And what better way to cultivate and share that than to write about all the things I love.

My first choice is related to the beginning of the year - my life! Now I promise that not all of my writings on this topic will be so narcissistic but its been on my brain with all the resolution type posts floating around the blog world. I realized when I was thinking about resolutions that I didn't need any huge groundbreaking resolutions. My life is pretty good how it is. Not perfect but really really good. I have restarted my bullet journal habit tracker to make sure my priorities stay prioritized. Hmm, maybe priorities should be my word of the year. (See, its a sickness!)

But anyway, I'm not resolving, just monitoring. I'm still reading, both my bible and other books. I'm still trying to get outside with kids a lot. Still trying to take the same vitamins I did last year. And tracking it all in my Bullet Journal (And now I think I'm going to have write about my Bullet Journal because yes, I do LOOOVVVEE it.)

And there are some things I'd love to add to my life but I know now is not the time. Exercise would be nice. But its tricky with my hashimotos (I have to be careful with cardio and I'm about to change meds so I don't want to add any new variables to the mix during that process) and the baby means trip to the gym are hard and honestly, I don't want to make it a priority right now so I try to spend a good portion of our outside time at least walking around and I'm okay if that's as good as it gets. Perhaps I could dress better but let's wait a few months till my weight stops changing and then I'll think about that. Until then, my one pair of jeans, one skirt and two pairs of sweat pants that fit are just fine, thanks. But losing weight isn't on my list either, I've got a handy fat sucking cutie-pie of a 3 month old on hand for that.

Not that I, or my life is perfect. But the things that need work aren't exactly things I can resolve to do. Well, I can, but I don't think the result would be any different if I didn't make a resolution. Things involving patience and parenting and praying. And some things that don't even begin with the letter p, like serving and listening. You know, all that refining by God stuff. The impossible to do on my own stuff.

But that's another part of my life that I like. God loves me, even being how I am. I don't have to sit here with my knees tucked in, rocking back and forth because of my sins and defects. But he's not content to let me stay there. So I have faith that those things, resolutions or not, will be worked on this year. Just not by me. And that's pretty awesome too. Awesome in a scary way? Yes. Awesome in a wonderful way? Yes to that too.

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