The things they say

Jonah: Look mom! If I need to wipe my nose, I don't have to go get a Kleenex, I can just use this (wipes nose on arm)

Watching While You Were Sleeping with the kids in the room. Lucy actually watched it, Jonah did not, except for one scene. I bet you can guess which one it is.

Jonah: I am not wearing black underwear! I am not wearing black underwear! That's true (pulls down pants), my undies have puppies on them.

Lucy: Lucy?
Craig: Yes, her name is Lucy.
Me: Its even Lucy Elinor
Lucy: Lucy Elinor? Like me?!
What are the odds ;-)

Jonah's starting calling Norah Jane "little one". I love it!

Jonah: Hi, my little one. Are you having fun with your little brother?
Me: But Jonah,  you're her big brother.
Jonah: Oh yeah! Hi my little one, are you having fun with your big brother?

Me: Time for thank you notes!
Lucy: I am going to draw a picture of my scooter and say thank you for my scooter, I love how it is pink because that is my favorite color.
Jonah: I am going to draw a picture of a rhino and say I love rhinos.
Lucy: But nobody got you a rhino.
Jonah: So?
Lucy: You're supposed to write about things to be thankful for them.
Jonah: Oh, but I want to draw a rhino.

Norah smiles a bunch. I grab my phone and try to get a picture. She stops smiling. I put the phone down, she stars again.
Me: You little stinker. Oh well, you're my stinker so that's okay.
Jonah: She's my stinker too!
Lucy: And mine! Not just yours mom!
Jonah: Yeah, she's everyone's stinker!

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