Norah Jane @ 3 months

Dear Norah Jane,

You are three months old! 

And quite a chunker at 14 lbs. I think at least a pound of that is in your cheeks.

While Lucy and Jonah both got a couple nicknames right off the bat, you're still mostly just Norah or Norah Jane. I like to include your middle name (which I never did with Lucy or Jonah oddly enough) and I think its catching on with your brother and sister. You do sometimes get called the baby or baby girl but "Norah bora" or "Norah bora bora bora- doo-lah" (taken from an Alfie and Annie Rose picture book) make an appearance from time to time too. 

You have learned to roll over front to back this month, just five days after you turned 2 months old actually. You still can roll that way but you don't very much now that you've got even more head control and can stop yourself and when you do end up rolling, you often get mad. Your like a stuck turtle fussing to be rolled back over. You don't mind lying on your back when placed gently there but you love tummy time! Especially when you are next to Jonah and Lucy and can see all the fun stuff happening. You also like sitting up on my lap to watch and now that I don't have to worry about helping your head, this is fun for everyone.

That is one of the few times you fuss though. You have started to get a short fussy period in the evening after dinner until about 7:30ish. You just want to make sure you get your fair share of attention during the bedtime rush but by 8pm, you're content again. This is one of my favorite times of the day because you normally just hang out on the bed with me while I'm reading. You like to chat a bit and then when you're about to fall asleep, I tuck you into bed and get to watch you watch me while your blinks get longer and longer and eventually, you're out. You are my easiest baby to put to sleep, whether its naps or bedtime. Probably because you love to sleep.

 You like falling to sleep and you like being asleep and get annoyed when, as often happens when you are kid #3, you get woken up. You can sleep through most noises (you've had lots of practice!) so its normally when we have to go somewhere or are out and about and I can tell you just want to be left alone in a nice warm bed. We are homebodies most of the time though so its all good. Right now you are giving me a good 6-7 hours stretch every night followed which is amazing!

You've starting giggling but I have to work hard to make you. Daddy has also heard you once during bathtime (which you love, especially when you kick the water and make it splash!) but nobody else, probably because I don't normally sing and dance crazy when other people are around. No belly laughs yet. But smiles are a lot easier to come by now. We do this thing where we just look at each other and then I slowly start to smile and then you start too, just a little smirk at first and then it grows into a fully body smile for you. I love it!

I'm mad

 I'd still say you spend most of your time just content though. You're an expert and happily hanging out.

Hanging out watching the trains
Hanging out and learning about traditions

Hanging out at the park

I need to grab some board books for you because I've noticed that when you are laying next to me while I read to the big kids, you are really paying attention to my voice. You also perk up when you hear the kids enter the room. They both like you a lot but Jonah is especially enamored. You're just his favorite thing:

Look, he's even learning how to "hug" gently. 

Okay, we still have some work to do. But no babies were harmed in the taking of this picture. You didn't even get upset.

In fact, I'd say you were everyone's favorite baby around here. 

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