I didn't even notice

Whew, I'm exhausted. We had a really busy weekend and I was planning on writing about it during my lunch break but I had a dentist appointment. Which is good for you cause now I can relate to you the interesting conversation my new dentist and I had:

Dentist: Oh, panoramic X-rays, I love these. See, here are your joints and your eye sockets and your nose. When did you break your nose?

Confused Me: What?

Dentist: Your nose. Do you remember breaking it?

Confused Me: I don't think I have ever broken my nose.

Dentist: Well, see here this light spot. That is a bone. It should be in one piece. Yours is in a couple.

Confused Me: Oh...good to know?

Dentist: Can you breathe?

Confused Me: Yes?

Dentist: Hmmm. You don't remember ever getting hit really hard in the face?

Confused Me: Not particularly

Dentist: Well, if you have problems with breathing or anything, you should go see a ears, nose, and throat specialist. But if it isn't bothering you, they will probably just leave it be. People don't like to have nose surgery unless it is completely necessary.

At this point, he leans me back to check for cavities while my mind wanders...He has obviously never seen the before and after pictures of Jennifer Grey....but back to me. How did I get a broken nose? I'm not a rugby player. And how did I not notice I had broken my nose? Is this the source of all my "allergy problems" of the last 2 months? But surely if I had broken my nose in the last two months, I would have noticed. But surely if I had broken my nose EVER I would have noticed. And yet, there my bones are....not together. WEIRD.

Once I calmed down I told myself that I have probably been like this for a while and I haven't died of not breathing yet so let it go, at least until I get my next physical and I can ask about it then. But it got me thinking, If I could have a perfect legitimate non-vanity driven nose job...would I do it?

Now I don't particularly like my nose. In fact, if I could change one thing about myself, it would definitely be my nose.But as I would never spend the money to do anything about it, I didn't actually think much about it. Yet, as much as I don't love my nose, I am used to how I look and I'm not sure I would like waking up and seeing something different in the mirror. I don't even like buying a different shade of lipstick because what if I don't like it? So hopefully the day that I have to make that decision doesn't ever come because I would be sooo torn. Would I give up a free nose job or would I change the way my face looks forever? What would you do?


  1. thats crazy that your nose is broken! i don't think it needs any fixing though, you're beautiful just the way you are! :)

  2. Your Aunt Patty and I used to HOPE that our nose would be broken, so we could get the job done. No such luck! Not so much as a deviated septum. You do hit a certain age when those vanities are the LEAST of your problems. Sigh.