WFMW: Brand Loyalty

Today's WFMW is a little different, it's about brand name loyalty. Which is good because it's been a long week (hence the lack of posts lately) and without a little direction I probably couldn't have come up with another WFMW post.

Anyway, about brand name loyalty. Craig and I have basically none. Whatever is the cheapest is the best but there are a couple of exceptions and they seem to revolve around the bathroom and the laundry room, so if you aren't into knowing that much about us, stop reading here.

Detergent: I have to use all Free and Clear. Any other detergent makes me break out into a awful rash that looks and feels like I sat in a pile of Poison Ivy. It's awful. I don't mean just generic detergent, even name brands will cause this tragedy. I especially can't use Tide, it is the very worst. This is sad for Craig because his tough skin could handle anything and even sadder for him because he bought two large jugs of generic stuff before we got married and began to merge our lives laundry together which he still has because he hasn't been able to use them. But now that we have a washer at our disposal and don't have to spend any quarters to get clean clothes, he's been using it up slowly by doing his laundry separately from mine. And I have to tell ya, I don't mind not having to touch his sweaty workout clothes or dirty undies at all. Marriage has brought us closer, but not that close.

But back to the point, all Free and Clear is good stuff, I only wish it was out when I was little. Even with double rinsing my life was sad. But while I spend money on detergent, I also save because I don't buy laundry softener, that causes rashes too. I am so pitiful.

Tampons: Okay, the first "married life" shopping trip where these were purchased resulted in a disagreement about this. Which is silly because I am completely flexible - to a point. There are two different brands that I will use (Playtex and Tampax, if you must know) and there are often sales and coupons so it is easy to stock up when they are well priced. But there are some things you just don't go generic on and this is one of them. Period.

T.P: This is the opposite of the last one. Craig always makes fun of me for buying cheap stuff. But I totally don't care if he is gonna be all picky, I really do understand. But he always brings up this one time in the past where he went over to my apartment and all I had was this really awful stuff. But if he would only listen to reason. Until my senior year of college I didn't have a car and sometimes it was hard to get to the grocery store. And one time I was at my friend amanda g's dorm and I told her how hard it was to get to the store (she also didn't have a car so she was good at sympathizing) and how I was almost out of toilet paper. So she offered to give me a roll or two of the stuff they stocked the dorms with to tide me over in case of an emergency. And yes, dorm toilet paper is about as bad as you can get but it was all I had! And it is a good thing she was so nice, because if she didn't, where would Craig have been then, huh? And I think the main point of this story is how it was all Craig's fault anyway. If my loving boyfriend had offered to take me to the grocery store more frequently, would I have had to deal with these toilet paper problems.

Anyway, that's about all for Brand Loyalty on my part. Craig will probably disagree and say that I always whine about not having the name brands but don't believe him. Or if you do, come check my cabinets and see who really knows what's going on.


  1. I agree with you on brand loyalty--up to a point. Some Brand X or Store Brands are just as good--others really stink! It's trial and error. But do not ask me to give up my Ivory dish soap; I would be willing to do a commercial, the suds do last longer and it is very mild on your hands :)

  2. "But there are some things you just don't go generic on and this is one of them. Period."

    HA HA HA! pun intended?

    i am totally loyal to charmin in the TP arena. say no to northern scrape.

    i agree with you...some things you can get the store brand, others there are brands you know you hate, and on others, nothing but a certain brand will do.