Business Time

I am super stressed out right now. All morning I have been a little worried about all the things I wanted to do this week and how I am going to do them. So I made myself a list. Normally, having a to-do list makes me feel secure and safe and less stressed. But when my list grew into a whole sheet of paper consisting of 6 sub lists telling me all the stuff I need to do to set up the new place, and to clean up the old place, and to get ready for a Christmas party I am throwing in 2 weeks, and to decorate for Christmas so that people can tell the party is actually a Christmas party and not just one of those random December parties people throw, I decided that the list was not my friend anymore. How could my former soul mate desert me so? It hurts, deep inside. It probably didn't help that the only pen I could find was red so all the things I have to do also look like mistakes I have made, blank ink would have been so much more friendly, even blue would have been better.

I need a paper bag, but I don't have one. So instead, I will play this little video, which always makes me smile, and then get back to the business of completing my list. If you are stressed out, you should watch it too. And if you aren't stressed, go away, I don't want to talk to you right now. But you can watch the video before you go, because it is funny.


  1. Thank you for the hilarious video! I am incredibly stressed as well, which is why I'm seeking refuge in your blog. I am sorry you have been betrayed by the list--I seek comfort by doing that too, and I know how it can be a double-edged sword. Good luck!

  2. If only I could slow down enough to be stressed.

    /finds brown bag

  3. oh i'ma love me the flight of the conchords...

    i'm the motherflippin hiphopapotamus.

    these guys crack.me.up.

  4. I understand your pain with the ink and the lists. :(

    You are MacKenzie the Awesome. You will pull it off just fine!