Confusing you some more

I realized I wrote that last post and didn't really explain why I needed silver shoes by today. All you guys know is that I am going to North Dakota tonight. And no, I don't have a psycho crazy mother in law that insists I wear non-super disco metallic ball but still silver shoes to dinner every night. That isn't the case, I have a nice cute MIL that probably doesn't care what shoes I wear to dinner. But immediately following our trip to ND, I am headed down to Texas to do some bridesmaiding.

My dear friend, and frequent commenter on this blog, amanda g, is getting married!!!!

So I need silver shoes to wear when I stand up and support her as she takes her vows and marries a guy who I can only describe as a super-duper fellow.

Now, the rest of this post probably will not be of much interest to you if you are not my mother or someone named amanda g. But I promised my mom I would post a picture of me in the dress. When amanda first described the dress I would be wearing and the words "jade" and "bubble skirt" were used, I will not deny that I was scared. But I love her, and was willing to wear whatever she picked out, however awful it would be. But then she drew me a picture of it, and unlike me, when she draws a picture, I can actually tell what the object looks like. And the picture looked cute so I breathed a sign of relief. And when the dress came, it was indeed, quite stylish and pretty. So here is me, in the dress. Except that I don't have a head. Because I looked really awful in all the pictures. Red nose, baggy eyes, hair hasn't been washed in 48 hours awful. Craig did not think so, because he loves me. But I just couldn't put my head here for everyone to see. So imagine me, in this dress, with a pretty bouquet and a head, and you will see what I will look like in a 8 days.

I can't wait!


  1. Nice shoes!

    The dress is really cute . . . I don't see any bubble.

  2. amanda g (almost e!)December 30, 2007 at 12:40 AM

    that dress looks so good on you! (im sure it looks even better when you have a head) Im so excited! I get to see you again! oh yeah and craig too...but he's just not as pretty ;)

  3. That dress is gorgeous. Well chosen, Amanda, and well worn, MacKenzie.