MacKenzie on McCain's Pick

I am going to usurp Craig's territory for a moment and talk about politics. I'm sure he will still weigh in eventually with his opinion but I just have to tell you, I am super excited about McCain's VP pick.

Before yesterday, I was really tired of the election and was ready to be done with the whole thing. I was still planning on voting but mostly because I really really dislike Obama and the thought of him becoming our next president really gives me the heebie-jeebies. But now, I am pumped up again. (Obviously, when was the last time I wrote a political post?)

I didn't have high hopes for his pick either. I thought he would go with Romney and I have never liked him. I can't help but think "USED CAR SALESMAN!" every time I see old Mitt. So I'm happy about Palin simply because she isn't Romney.

I'm also happy she is conservative. I would have felt a little annoyed that he was taking his base for granted if he had gone the moderate route. And yes, election wise, he probably could have, I would still have voted for him over Obama, but I am glad he didn't. I don't know a lot about her yet, but everything about her record sounds good to me.

And, I can't not say it - I'm glad she is a woman. Mostly because it would just be great, not just to see it happen, but to be a part of it. But also because - how ridiculously awesome would it be if it was the Republicans who first got a woman elected? I often feel like Democrats have a holier-than-though attitude when it comes to women and minorities and as a woman, it annoys me.

I was actually talking to Craig a few days ago about how the Democrats would respond if we had a woman (in response to someone mentioning Kay Bailey Hutchinson). I didn't think it was a real possibility but I was trying to guess their response just for fun. Since black Republicans aren't "real" blacks, would they try and deny that a woman Republican wasn't a real woman? No, it seems like they are going to try and pass this off as an insult to women - "how dare McCain think that women will vote for him just because he has a woman as his running mate! How unintelligent does he think women are?" is something I have heard a few times on the major news networks in the last 24 hours.

I don't really think that is going to fly. Personally, I am left thinking how dare Democrats think that all women think like them just because they try and pass off their party as the one that stands for women and minorities. How unintelligent do they think I am?

I've heard a lot about this being a "hail mary pass." I couldn't disagree more, I think it is a bold move, but I can't be the only person excited about this and if I'm not, I think it will pay off.


  1. I also like this choice. She has bucked the corrupt Republican establishment in her state, and reinforces McCain's reputation as a fighter against wasteful spending. While it would be nice if she'd been in office longer, she has executive experience, unlike everyone else in the race. Plus, Obama can't really say much about that. It will be interesting to see if Obama and the media give her the treatment they gave Hillary.

  2. I'm very excited - yesterday was the first time I actually felt like I would be voting "for" McCain instead of "against" Obama. It was also the first time I've smiled about the election since I heard Fred Thompson would run, way back when. (If this were a Thompson-Palin ticket I think I would just about die from political happiness.)

    My brother-in-law doesn't think women should hold political office. Obviously I do not agree. The family discussions (via blog / email) are starting to get tense.

    I love it. :)

  3. This democrat thinks it's a great choice too. All parties aside, as a woman I am thrilled to see a woman involved and I would be thrilled to see her take office.

  4. I'm excited as well! Mostly because, gender notwithstanding, I like what I hear about her, that is that she is a no-nonsense conservative. I'm all for another Iron Lady along the Margaret Thatcher lines. I don't like the vote for me because I'm a woman, or black, or . . . whatever!

    By the way, is Obama really black? Or is he bi-racial since his mother is white? Does that count?

  5. The media seems scared! Have to tell you, I like your words on this blog.