24, Season 7: 2-3 PM

This week was the big hack-in into the chemical plant in some Ohio town. The chemical at this plant, methyl isocyanate, was the culprit in the 1984 Bhopal, India disaster that killed 15,000 or so people. So it is nasty stuff. I liked how, when our famously detail-oriented President heard that this town was targeted, she knew off the top of her head that there were 30,000 people there. But then I realized that Ohio is a swing state, so it's quite possible that a presidential candidate would know such information. But the real Kidron is much smaller than that.

Last week, I wondered what would happen if the firewall hacking threat was eliminated so early in the show, and it in fact was, because the CIP chip was destroyed. But that storyline was played out. However, the idiot bad guy Dubaku has new leverage - the First Man is in his custody. If that's all he's got, though, the President has to do the right thing and sacrifice her hubby for the good of the country. But will she? People on 24 tend to choose love over rationality. But maybe the First Couple has a sham political marriage, so that won't be an issue.

At the end, after Dubaku escaped from his evil lair and rode the train around town for awhile, we found out that he has a bachelor pad in DC, and a girlfriend to go with it. How much time does this guy spend in the US? I thought he was an African rebel? And doesn't his girlfriend read the Economist? If she did, she'd know that Sangala is at a crossroads, and she'd probably see a photo of her bad-guy boyfriend in his camouflage guerilla duds. But apparently she's oblivious. She'll be dead within 3 hours.

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