Memory Maverick - Wannabe

I had meant to share this with y'all the last three times I have done it but kept forgeting. But not this time. Since the beginning of this year, I have been participating in the Living Proof Ministries Blog's Siesta Scripture Memory Team. You can see the little button down on the right.

Basically, you pick a verse on the 1st and 15th of each month and leave a comment on their post that says what verse you picked and who you are. Then you write it down in a spiral bound 3X5 pack and memorize it. It sounds so basic but I have struggled with memorizing verses for a long time yet this has been working for me. Maybe it is just knowing that I am part of a communitiy of believers, of women, who are striving to know our God better. Maybe it is being intentional. Maybe it is the deadline that forces me to concentrate and work at it. I don't know but I like it.

I really never have my verse picked out before hand but read through everyone else's comments and there is always a verse that stands out. Maybe someday I will have a verse picked in advance, but either way, I am getting God's word into my head and my heart - permanently. How exciting!

I have decided to also write mine below the button each time, to share with you guys and to reinforce it for myself. And really, the verse that I choose each time will probably give you more insight into my life at the moment than anything I could write. I hope you'll join me. If you do, Beth has put up a mini-tutorial with some memory hints that really do work, I've been using them.

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  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing. I've been reading the LPM blog lately and saw they were doing the Scripture memorization. I thought it would be a good idea, but never go around to reading more. Perhaps this is another reminder (or swift kick in the pants) to go for it.