10 months!

Dear Jonah

10 months 065
The official 10 month photo. 
10 months 055
The realistic 10 month photo

I'll say it now. There is an appalling lack of pictures from this past month. But there is a really good reason for that (see below). And we may need to think of new phrases to use around you because Lucy has starting saying things like "Here comes trouble!" and "You're driving me nuts, kid" (in a sweet tone, of course :-) whenever she sees you doing something.

Things you like to do:
Climb into dishwasher
Eat cat food
Play in the cat water
Play in the litter box
Take your diaper off
Take covers off air vents and try and climb in them.
Climb up on chairs and "jump" off.
Play with toilets and potties
Climb into your walker wagon and rock it to make it roll back and forth
Take every toy out of the toy cabinet (now that you have figured out how to open it up)
Play with the cat when she has made it perfectly clear that she wants to be left alone
Bang stuff and make loud noises

july2 002
You think a rubber band is gonna stop me?

Only the last two of those are really allowed, only one is really enjoyable for me. That's not a completely list though.

july 028
I laugh at your attempts to babyproof. 

You love to watching things and figuring them out - like how to climb up places or open them or make things work. You also love to do difficult things over and over again like lifting a heavy container/boot up to a shelf, then drop it, repeat.

july 009

You love to be outside. When we take you outside, you first crawl over to the blackberry bushes and pick yourself a few, hopefully ripe ones but you aren't really picky. Then you find your little tikes push car and start walking. If I set the angle of the steering wheel just right, you can go in a large circle around our driveway and you just go and go and go. You like to push Lucy too.

10 months 041

You really love Lucy. She can just walk up to you and laugh and you will start laughing together. It seems like you've made a big mental jump this month and the two of you have started to actually play together. Rolling a ball back and forth, crawling chase/follow me, or build a tower (Lucy) and knock it down (Jonah) are three games you like to play. Sometimes she'll make you play with her and when you crawl away, she'll just drag you back again.

diapers 002

Lucy's figured out how to carry you around and it does not look comfortable but you never fuss but just smiles and laugh the whole time. She also likes to "protect' you if you are about to get into something but that might means she slams a door shut (with or without fingers in them) or pushes you out of the way of something dangerous (without realizing she just slammed your head into the ground). But you're a tough kid and unless you are actually hurt it doesn't even phase you.

july 050

You still don't have any teeth but I can see the top ones and they are so close and you seem to think so too.

10 months 021

Next week is your first well baby since January so we'll finally get a official weight and height but my guess is that your pretty average - not to big and not too little...ya know, perfect.

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