The really hard choices in life

Life is full of really hard choices. Like if you go through the trouble of making wonderfully delicious cool peppermint chocolate stracciattella gelato,*

do you choose the blue pill cup, which will allow you to spread out the deliciousness for several more days, or the red bowl because if you're gonna eat it, might as well go big?

Like I said, life is full of hard choices.

PS - I went blue. And since this was last night and I get another bowl tonight, I'm glad I did.

*Recipe adapted from the e-book Just Making Ice cream by just-making-noise.blogspot.com. It's the only one in the book I've tried so far but I can't wait to give buttery vanilla butterscotch and chocolate peanut butter cookie dough a try. Yum. This isn't a paid ad or anything, I just really like ice cream.

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