That's a lot of peaches

Oh, and not-so-secret shout out to my little brother Ben. As of today, he is no longer a teenager (tear). I had these great plans of getting a video of Lucy singing Happy Birthday but she woke up in a bad mood from her nap. Jonah did his part of maraca shaking but when it was time to sing, she just kept giving us death glares and that seemed less than festive so maybe next year Ben! Either way, hope you had a great birthday!

Due to some oddities in Craig's schedule last week, we ended up with him having almost the whole week off work. So we filled it up! And with the weather being as nice as it was (seriously, who would think it was July here?) we were able to do it all without risking heat stroke.

Tuesday was spent at our local pool, where it was really nice to have four hands and two sets of eyes on the kids. I've taken them on my own several times but it is exhausting. Wednesday was free entrance to the botanical garden. We hadn't been there before but it was awesome although sadly, you'll just have to take my word on it since I forgot the camera. But just imagine Lucy smelling flowers, Jonah trying to eat them and them both getting soaking wet at the splash pads. Oh, and Lucy braved the rope bridge. I was really proud of her!

 Thursday was a day we had been waiting for since January - we finally got our first appointments with our new family doctor! He's well loved around here so it takes a while to get your initial appointment. And yes, this was an event. It took the entire afternoon. What can I say? He's very thorough. But I think we'll like it there. He recognized Lucy's friend as a Waldorf doll so I'd say he's crunchy enough for us :-)

By Friday, I should have been exhausted, but nope, we were ready for more fun so we went peach picking. And this time, I did grab the camera.

fairypusswillow 031

fairypusswillow 032

fairypusswillow 035

fairypusswillow 043

fairypusswillow 048

fairypusswillow 030

I thought we get 20-25 lbs but apparently, that isn't as much as one would think so we actually walked out of there with 43 lbs of peaches! I spent a large chunk of this afternoon peeling, slicing and prepping some to make jam but the jam hasn't actually been made or canned yet, and I still have oh, 30 lbs to go. So if you need me anytime next week, I'm sorry, I'll be busy canning.

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