Worlds of Learning is here!

Craig encouraged me to put together my own program for Lucy this year and I'm so glad he did. I've already gotten the fall books and I'm really excited to get started - only 1 month to wait!

I really have no idea if other people are even interested, but I went ahead and made it a real curriculum with typed up instructions and printables and everything. Mostly so I would make sure I followed through in making it. Nothing says commitment like promising other people you'll have it for them!

Here is a semi-brief description taken from the "manual":

I’m writing this program to use in the 2013-2014 school year with my 3-year-old. I wasn't happy with any other program I was finding for her age but wanted a plan to help guide our fun learning times together. My educational philosophy is highly influenced by Charlotte Mason with some Montessori and Waldorf thrown in for good measure so I didn’t want something academic. My main goal for this year is exposure to ideas, nature, and art.

What you won’t find in this program:
·         Letter of the Week. 
·         Structured Math:  
·         Deep Unit Studies: 

 What you will find:
·         Living Books: I love quality children’s literature and have tried to select picture books that I want to own in my library (actually, many of these were included because I needed an excuse to buy them instead of checking them out from our library over and over again!) I have read most of these books but the few I haven’t have been recommended by multiple sources whose opinions I trust. Most are classics but some are more current. Keep in mind that opinions vary; a book that is perfect for my child and family might not work as well for yours. Many of these should be found at your local library or try inter-library loan, Paperback Swap, or buying used copies from Amazon. Books don’t need to be expensive. I will be posting a linkable list of books on my blog in addition to the printable list included here.

·         Loose Themes:  Each month has an overall theme, often based on the seasons or nature.  And within the month I have tried to include a book for the categories God’s World (nature), Around the World (countries and culture), and A Beautiful World (art and music). There are also several free reads and not every book in a month will fit the theme. I would rather choose quality books than try to fit every book into a theme.

·         A Liberal Education. The “A Beautiful World” category often corresponds with the musician and artist selected for each semester. Each month also has a poem and hymns. The poems aren’t meant to be memorized, although small children often have a knack for memory and that might happen, but the goal is just fun and familiarity.

·         Lots of Breathing Room. You will see in the monthly overview charts that there are 4 categories of activities - baking, art, activity, and adventures - but each book will only have 2 or maybe 3 categories planned. I have included sheets with general ideas for other activities and space for you to add your own for weeks when you have more free time. Each semester is 12 weeks’ worth. I have left gaps in December for Christmas and April for Easter since I play more religious activities then. I have also combined June and July to leave more time since we are normally busy traveling and playing outside. The themes are seasonally-based but loose enough that it will be fairly easy to adjust the schedule to your needs. And within the month, the order of books is also flexible which may come in handy if you are waiting on a library book to be available.


Here are the parts you'll want to download:
  • World of Learning Teacher Manual - Teacher's manual might be a stretch but this document has descriptions of the general layout and how I am planning on using the curriculum. This will not change between semesters. 
  • Art Prints - The year's worth of art prints. I kept these separate so it would be easier to send them to a printer if desired.
  • Fall - The Fall semester's book lists, activities and printables.
I'll be attempting to make a Winter and Spring semester too but those aren't quite ready yet. Keep in mind that this plan is untested but Lucy and I will be doing that part this fall. We'd love it if you'd join us, even if you plan to adapt it a bit - especially if you plan on adapting it. I'd love to get more ideas so if you are, please leave a comment! (Also, editing is not my strong suit so if you find any errors or typos, please tell me so I can fix them!)

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