Table #1

Didn't mean to leave you hanging with the coffee table. So let's get to it. Here's the before:

house 018

house 012

And the after:

julyfun 028

julyfun 027

Yep, I stuck with the white wash idea. I went back and forth but in the end the deciding factor was the size. Craig calls it a beast and that's pretty accurate. This thing is huge! I only have one basket underneath right now but it will hold four large baskets in addition to the storage in the lid. (And our bible felt boards fit underneath the bottom shelf)

julyfun 024

So I didn't want to be overwhelmed by its finish. I tested the whitewash with and without stain underneath and while I liked both and couldn't decide, Craig was partial to the stained one so we went with that.

Once coat of stain, one coat of 1:1 white paint (base color, no tint added - I used a sample sized jar) diluted with water, then a couple coats of finishing wax. It could probably use another coat or two of wax - Jonah's rough on stuff - but I love it and the littles do too.

july 011
(What? Don't y'all use hymnals as building blocks too?)

But if you look closely at the before and after, you might notice another change. But that's a story for tomorrow :-)

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