7 Quick Takes Friday

1) Since I haven't been able to come up with much lately that has been working for me, on Wednesday or otherwise. I have decided to try a different meme, 7 Quick Takes Friday. Basically, you write 7 mini-posts on Friday. I have high hopes, surely I can think of 7 things to say each Friday. (This is the point of the post where my fellow Jane Austen lovers are thinking...yes, but there may be difficulty in limiting yourself to only 3 7.

2) Product Review: Tylenol Lemon Honey Warming Liquid
I would warn you that this review has not be sponsered, but I think that will be fairly clear. I normally am very particular about what medicines I take but Craig had gotten this for free from CVS and I was desperate. IT IS AWFUL! It doesn't taste like honey, or lemon, or any combination of the two unless perhaps they have been added to tar. And in the commercials, you see them take the medicine and feel the warmth spreading and it looks like it is peace and joy in a bottle when in reality, the only thing I felt spreading over my body was a feeling of nausea followed by hot flashes. But I do applaud the advertising staff for managing to turn that into a marketing campaign strategy. Well, done.

3) I never got to tell y'all that I am learning how to knit. I'm not giving up on crochet but all the patterns I liked were for knitting so I thought I would add to my repertoire. I took a lesson from a local shopkeeper in town to get started but only learn 2 things for my $15 so I will be following that up with book learnin'. I've started an easy project, it is just 10" squares of the garter stich sewn together to make a blanket. It will be small so I guess it is a baby blanket although I'm not very fast yet so it might turn into a wheelchair blanket before I finish.

4) Speaking of crafts, I can't wait till Christmas is over and I can share with you all the stuff I have been working on. I also can't wait to share it with the people I made it for. But the problem with homemade gifts is what do you do if they don't like it. You can't return it and get your hours of hard labor back. I hope that doesn't happen.

5) I just got an email saying I get off work for the holidays next Tuesday at noon instead of at 5. I am super excited about that.

6) At that time I will be taking a bloggy break to enjoy time with the car and scenic views of texas, arkansas, tennesee and kentucky...oh yeah, and my family. I will try and come up with at least one interesting post between now and then though so don't give up on me yet.

7) Craig and I went to a presentation about the Bethlehem star last night.We had gone three years ago and I remember that it was good, but I couldn't remember what I learned so we went again. It was still good. You can learn more here. Oh, and for the record, if you try to go to www.bethlehamstar.net, you don't get to the right site. I guess that site isn't kosher.


  1. OY! You crack me up with the Jewish humor!

  2. Here's more, then: So a Jewish mom bought her son two shirts for Christmas. The day after Christmas, he came down to breakfast wearing one of them, and his mom said, "What, you didn't like the other one?"

  3. What MacKenzie failed to mention about the Tylenol is that it WORKS. In the world of medicine, taste and effectiveness are usually inversely related.

  4. Craig - Why is a Jewish mom buying her son clothes for Christmas?

    Also, it doesn't work better than any other cold medicine. Yes, I took it, but if we had anything else in the house, I would have used that and been just fine.

  5. Oh, and mom, your best speller really did try to go to Bethlehamstar.net - but don't be disappointed, how often does one need to spell bethlehem, really?

  6. The Bethlehem Star thing is really neat, though. Go look at that link.