Beer We Go Again

I thought that, when I moved from Utah to Texas, that I'd left battles over alcohol behind. But that was not the case. A neighboring county here decided in November to go from dry to wet, and people aren't happy (well, other than the 63% or so who voted for the change):
“I just think this is going to cause a lot of problems here. You know we’ve already lost kids here to drunk driving not long ago. And it’s a big mess right now," Hoskins said.


"There's grandparents around here that send their grandkids in to get a drink or snack, and how are they going to feel if their kid runs into someone stumbling around drunk? And you know, we've already got enough problems with people walking up and down the roads, throwing their beer bottles out," Hoskins said.


“We’re just a very small town. Our kids don't need to be subjected to all this stuff. I think it's just going to lead to more people driving up and down the road drunk," Hoskins said.
Ah, the old arguments I know so well, illogically claiming that prohibition keeps the alcohol out and that most drinkers are out of control. Ms. Hoskins would be right at home in a Logan ward house, even though she's probably Baptist, and they don't usually agree with Mormons on much.

The best part of this is that the town in the byline for this story straddles a county line, and the other county in question is wet, so this change will only bring alcohol (and supposedly all the aforementioned problems) one mile closer to local boozers. Talk about a miracle mile.

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  1. Oh, yes. The battle on beer was just about the only issue my very Baptist grandmother and Mormon parents agreed on.

    So sad for your Beer plight, Craig. Sigh.