In which I say very little

Wow, I think it has been quite a while since I have gone a whole week without posting. But my time off did me good. Last Friday I took a sick day, slept almost the whole day. I slept almost all of Saturday too, except to couch seat drive Craig's making of Christmas cookies for our party that night.

Yes, I was sick. Yes, I still hosted my annual Christmas cookie exchange. Miraculously, it was the only 2 hour period in the whole long weekend where I did not have to lay down every 10 minutes. It was a lot more low key than my previous years of cookie exchanging. I was planning on having it be a little less involved than last year (when I made way too much food) but I was hoping to have some snacks made up. It didn't happen though, I was lucky we made our two types of cookies, and got hot water and cider heated up. (And by we, I mean he did the cookies, I heated the water). Add in some sprite and I was done. We didn't even play games like last time, just sat with the other two couples and talked. They did notice I was sick so hopefully if it was dreadfully boring, they won't consider it a reflection on my hostessing skills. I think it ended up being fun but I hadn't stepped foot outside our home for over 48 hrs at that point so I would have thought almost anything was less boring than another episode of the Cosby show.

Sunday, I slept all day, waking up just enough to complain that I was too hot or too cold, none of which could be remedied by the thermostat but poor Craig did a good job of pretended like he cared and was working on it.

Since then I have been well enough to go to work but I still have a cough, which means I have been sick for exactly two weeks now. We have spent the evenings on the couch, taking it easy. I'm really ready to be done. However, I have a feeling our household will not be back to it's busy self for a little while yet as Craig woke up this morning with a sore throat. But as he normally gets whatever I get at half strength and for only half as long, I think by next week he will be fine again. Which is good, I am ready to go home for Christmas!

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  1. I too will be in parts of KY & TN for parts of the holiday. Very short parts. Our arrangment this year means we will be spending aprox. 58 hours in TN with my husband's parents between Sunday night and Wednesday morning.

    What can I say? We have a tight schedule. :)