Month O' Calm

I am alive, but barely. I feel so yucky. I may have gotten my flu shot earlier but something else has decided to infiltrate my immune system instead. It's especially sad because I have been looking forward to this week for a while. I had even prewriting my blog post in my head about how relaxing and fun it is now that Craig is out of school. But even with the sickness looming over me, I can tell the next 5 weeks are going to be great so I am still going to write it.

Because, unlike most people, this year the Christmas season is our calm time. We attended a Christmas party last week, a Christmas dinner last night and will host our own "Third Annual Cookie Exchange" this Saturday, but after that we will be pretty much done with festivities until we get to my parents house Christmas Eve. Craig is out of school, so he has no evening classes, no language group meetings, no seminars to attend and most of all - no studying! I have no ballet, as my instructor took her last final yesterday and headed home. And since our home group is about 50% students, it's taking a break till January too. Our evenings are just free to be spent however we want, which for me is at home. But I wasn't really planning on spending them sick on the couch, too tired to even read. But I am grateful that we do have a calm week so I have at least be able to rest.

Since I work at the University, I've been appreciating the lack of students there too. The parking lot has been empty so no more long trecks to my car followed by a 15 minutes wait to get out of the parking lot. And since they aren't full of talkative students, I can actually find a couch in the study areas to take a nap on during lunch, which has been especially nice when I forget my cough medicine on the kitchen table.

I even got a extra special surprise yesterday. We got snow! Yesterday, while waiting for Craig to pick me up, I had some fun watching people come enter the lobby. Since most of the labs don't have windows, they too were shocked at the snow. It was like watching little kids open presents on Christmas as they exclaimed with glee "oh, it's snow"..."it looks like it is sticking"..."I'll have to help the kids make a snowman."

So, this week isn't going just as I planned, but overall, it's been pretty good.

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