All Bets are Off

I enjoyed reading this, because I think it's stupid when mayors make "bets" on sporting events involving their cities' teams:

Miami's mayor and San Francisco's mayor have a wager on Saturday's 7th Annual Emerald Bowl between the Hurricanes and the California Golden Bears.

And Miami had better win, because Mayor Manny Diaz has promised to send oranges if they lose.

That would be illegal.

Florida oranges can't be shipped to California because of fears that citrus canker could spread to the California crop.

I wish all these bets were illegal. These mayors are just trying to horn in on their residents' enjoyment of sports to score political points and get cutesy free publicity. If they want to bet, make it real. The loser of the bet should have to resign from office, or donate a large chunk of his campaign account to charity. Then I would enjoy these bets a lot more.

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