Jonah @ 5 months!

Dear Jonah, 

You are five months old now and we've figured out where the expression "bouncy baby boy" comes from. You just never want to be still. We got out the jumper and you love it! You'd bounce for hours if I let you, but alas, I don't. 

January 039

January 041 January 042

If you aren't bouncing in the jumper, you'll just bounce anyway. If your sitting on our laps you don't sit still but rather rock or bounce yourself and you love for us to hold your tummy so you can jump up and down on our laps. And if we put you down, you just rock yourself back and forth, on your tummy or off.  You can sit pretty well - at least until you start bouncing yourself. But if I sit with my legs behind you, you'll just sit for a little while, start to bounce, fall backwards, hit my legs then sit back up again. Or Lucy will run and get you a pillow so when you do fall, you land softly. If we can distract you from bouncing, you're just fine.

Sometimes you rock yourself right over, smiles at us like so...

lakehousegrimms 020

then start hollering for us to flip you over. (You've still only gone back to belly one time). It's a very specific holler too - a "you aren't doing anything to fix this problem and I don't like that" yell. It's funny - for now at least. You also love to be tossed in the air and have you feet and chin tickle. Those are pretty much guaranteed laugh inducers. 

I do still get to cuddle your somewhat still body a few times a day. You love our afternoon nursing nap while Lucy sleeps, which I'm savoring because you don't really like to snuggle once you go to bed. You also snuggle when I wear you. I love the boba since it can block out distractions and you'll rest up against me and look up at me and smile every once in a while. The ring sling is nice for at home but if there is anything interesting, you start leaning yourself out so you can see - and grab. 

You are quite the grabber now. And if you get it, it goes in your mouth and ends up covered in drool (this is not Lucy's favorite thing about you right now) You've already grabbed yourself a chocolate chip cookie. I took it away before you swallowed any but you ended up with chocolate smears all over your face. Even if I wasn't such a mean mom that's making you wait until at least another month for real food, I don't think I'd choose cookies for a first food. But you were so fast! It's almost impossible to eat dinner with you on our laps but we borrowed another jumper seat to keep in the kitchen for meal time. 

You also love people. You'll smile at anyone and everything. You see someone and light up as if your saying "Oh, look -it's a friend!" We sat in front of a mom and baby at a recent meeting and you loved looking over my shoulder and "talking" to him. You're such a friendly little guy and we love you!

And here's a few videos for those of you who just can't get enough of Jojo.

Ignore the very loud Australian bible songs...Jojo likes to bounce to music. 

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  1. He's getting so big!! Thanks for the videos!