The post that should have been written on the first

My memory verse for the first part of February is finally up.

A gentle answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger.  Proverbs 15:1 

I'll let you make some guesses as to why I choose that verse :-)

I'm a little late on with my siesta memory verse but I have a good reason. Friday was my birthday! Craig had to work Friday afternoon so we did the some of fun stuff on Thursday. He started out the day by taking Lucy to the art museum for a daddy/daughter date. I got Jonah down for his morning nap and had almost 2 hours on free time. I'd like to say I did something fabulous with it but I mostly cleaned up then worked on prepping some activities for Lucy. Kinda lame but I really enjoy being able to do those things in peace and quiet without so I appreciated it.

Once they got back, we had a big korean meal. This was Lucy's first experience with chopsticks and that was our entertainment for the night. She ended up using the chopstick to push the food onto her fork. Then after dinner, got a second (clean) pair to play with and spent the rest of the night coming up with all sorts of ways to play with them.

Craig didn't think the Korean mochi I made wasn't quite sweet enough to qualify as a celebratory dessert so after the kids went to bed we made cheesecake for the next day. Spending time together in the kitchen is one of my favorite ways to hang out with Craig but we rarely do that anymore so it was nice.

Friday I got a little more free time when Craig and Lucy went and got my birthday present done. They had our SUV detailed! Awesome idea for a mom gift! I don't think it will stay super clean for long but I'm definitely enjoying it for now. After naptime Lucy woke up asking to celebrate which I knew was her code for eat dessert. I got to practice using gentle words when Lucy got upset because her cake didn't have frosting (crisis averted - I turned her piece over and said the crust was graham cracker icing...she doesn't like "crust" anyway so it worked!) and then had another fit when the card she and Craig made me got ripped. We ended up taping that one and making a new one so I got two cards. At this point I realized she needed some mom time so we got out her new window crayons and did a little decorating of the bay windows to add to the festive atmostphere.

 After Craig was gone and the kids were asleep, I finished up a K-drama which was a fun way to spend my evening if I had to be alone. Now that I've finished that one, I might actually have time to finish a couple books I'm in the middle of, write those posts I've got saved up in my head and plan Lucy's next joyful learning set. Or maybe I'll just watch another one :-) It's too hard to do anything other than veg in the evenings when Craig's gone. And it's hard to get stuff done in the afternoon when he's home or on the days he's home mid-week. And I never get anything done on the weekend whether he is here or not, with church and other meetings going on. So I'm just not very productive when he works night or weekends and really not productive when he works weekend nights. Oh well, productivity is overrated.


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Great verse for this season. I know I need to work on being gentle even when I feel overwhelmed by the littles.

    Which show did you finish? I'm so impatient waiting for the next episode of Flower Boy Next Door! It is probably a good thing I can only watch two a week.

    Did you give Downton another chance?

  2. My name is Kim Sam-soon. Not sure if I would recommend it though.

    Isn't FBND too adorable! Where are you watching it? I was doing dramafever but just found out that viki got the rights and they are faster so I was able to watch 9 at naptime yesterday...except that sing off almost made me wake up Jonah.

    I watched the first two episodes of DA but then got tipped off about what's coming and I just can't make myself sit down to watch a show knowing what is going to happen (if it's bad).